125 lbs. cat litter…


This is the grocery list that inspired (along w/ J’s) starting this thing:

  • 125 lbs. cat litter (in 5-25 lb. bags)
  • case of Malbec
  • space heater
  • chicken breasts
  • spinach
  • Carhartt (knock-offs) socks

This is from one of those wonderful all-purpose gourmet stores where you can buy a garden hose and artisanal breads.

The mistake I made was loading the litter into the cart first. The cart was out of control at that point and I had to warn people to get out of the way or die by cat litter.

For those of you who live in cold climates and don’t know about Carharrt socks, I feel for ya.



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  1. LOL! I hate the run-away shopping cart thing! I know it doesn’t fit in with your ‘single people’ motif, but i have that issue often with my double stroller. “Unless you want to get hit by 20.5 lbs of stroller and a collective 40 lbs. of infant and toddler, GTF out of my way!!!” 😉 Usually uttered while I’m texting you and shopping at the same time. This is why I disappear for minutes. Well, that and diapers. And sometimes actual work. but not usually.

    Before I get way off topic, there’s also the famous NY saying: “If it’s larger than you and stops slower than you do, it has right of way.”

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