Win a new Jaguar XJ…


Not really. But I’ll do a custom-made grocery tote bag for you if you submit the winning single people’s grocery list.

I don’t like rules (those of you who know me, quit rolling your eyes) so here are some “guidelines:”

  • Has to be a real list – I’m trusting you on this one.
  • You have to be single – As I mentioned before, the marrieds have “normal” lists. Boring.
  • It has to make me laugh – I’m a pretty tough audience.
  • Nothing X-rated or nasty – Watch cable for that.
  • Your list has to fit – The totes only have so much room for your list (see below). I’ll get bored after 5 or 6 six things, anyway.

Single People's Grocery Lists

Here’s a sample tote. And of course you can buy this one from me. Make me an offer.

So, submit your lists in the comments section. C’mon, it will be fun. At least for me…


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  1. So far no takers on my Jaguar/tote bag contest.

    I guess you all want to carry your boring, old recycle grocery bags and not win a groovy new one. Or perhaps, like me, your brain is too fried from the heat to move, think or do much of anything.

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