Single People’s Wine Tasting


Since no one wanted to enter my fab wine-centric grocery recycle tote bag contest, I feel the need to do something bigger to drum up interest. So, here’s the plan:


WED., AUG. 31

6:00 P.M.

I know from my own and your shopping lists that they lean heavily towards popcorn, granola bars, cheese and WINE.

I’m picky about my wine and I do know a fair amount about wines. But I also don’t want to pay more than $10 a bottle, preferably less than $8. Remember, I still have to buy cheese and cat food.

So, let’s all meet here on Wed., Aug. 31, open our fave cheap, but really good wine and share notes, thoughts, etc. in comments (no high-tech crap like Webinars happening here, buddy). What a great way to find out about new, fun wines, right? And you don’t  have to take a shower or mingle with annoying people who use words like “floral” or “chewy” to describe wines.

Hey, you’ll come, won’t you?


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  1. Count me in. If you want to go semi-high-tech, invite everyone to chat via gchat at or around that time, too. I’m going to invite my other cool single gal pal Nancy too. 😀 (You know her…)

    • Thanks, Dawn. I knew w/ your amazing networking and SM marketing skills, that you would instantly home in on the single-wine-drinker demographic. Thanks for the referrals. Now if someone could just make virtual Brie…

  2. Great blog! You drink a wine under $8.. what is it? Is that the one with the bouquet of an aboriginal armpit..the wine that opens the sluices at both ends?

    Being an old married fart, I’ve moved up to under $15 as a price point. There is a big jump in quality between $10 and $15 bottles.

    I look forward to meeting here on 31st — I’ll bring some singles and a list of drinkable $10 and under wines.

    A snooty, stuffy, and married,


    • Yeah, that is a snooty, married fart response. You’re implying that wine less than $8 couldn’t possibly be good and I disagree w/ your $10-15 quality jump. Maybe at $25, but price isn’t much of an indicator for me. It’s my life’s work (not quite) to find good, inexpensive wines. Try Trader Joe’s – they have a great white for $6.99.

  3. I wonder if all this response in a short time is evidence of a well-received topic, skillful use of social media or if it’s just that everyone I know is a wino?

    Not really, I know you all drink responsibly and almost never fall off the couch while enjoying your Malbec and watching “Masterpiece Classic.”

  4. Aunt Marianne on August 11, 2011 at 1:47 AM said: [Edit]

    Looks like fun says Auntie Em. Virtual wine tasting? Just explain it to me. I’m not the least tech

  5. Hi Aunt M: No problem. We don’t mix wine and technology here except to look at the blog while tasting our fave inexpensive, good wine on Aug. 31 @ 6:00 p.m. Hope you’ll join us.

    After you taste your wine, report in via a comment. Then I’ll do a follow-up w/ readers’ recommendations.

    I’ll pretend like I don’t know if you’re married.

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