Wow, the winos unite and “the marrieds” are coming!


I had such a great response to the announcement of my first Special SPGL event – Single People’s Grocery Lists Wine Tasting Event! As I noted, I don’t know if it’s because I know so many winos or that people are actually finding this blog. I’ll have to put my social media marketing team on that one, if they can stay sober.

But I’m afraid that because of unforeseen pressure from the marrieds, I’m going to allow them to attend. Typically, they assume we singles are having all the fun and don’t want to miss out. Yeah, I go clubbing every night. As long as I can have the jammies on by 8 p.m., party on.

So, I’m opening up our event to the marrieds. Maybe with their combined incomes they can afford a $10 bottle of wine?

P.S. I must thank Q for inspiring this event. She’s a married, but I don’t hold that against her.


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    • OK, since I’m inviting you “couples” now, you have to subscribe to my blog.

      We’ll talk food later. That’s for a different day and you better not try to sneak in one of your grocery lists.

  1. LOL I’m honored you’re allowing us!

    BTW it’s a myth that 2 can live as cheaply as one. Besides, with marriage, and the activities inherent with, often come kids. Then you have *other* kids’ birthday parties and things like that — and they don’t even involve wine, cheap or otherwise. 😦

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