Baby food is not “cat crystal meth…”


Here’s today’s list and a few “off-list” items –

  • baby food – For the cat, as you know if you read this blog. (Here’s a note to self – when talking to a woman who is also shopping for her finicky cat, DON’T tell her that “Baby food is like cat crystal meth – my old guy loves it!”)
  • fruit
  • Jarlsberg dip – Which I have to ask the deli lady to split into a smaller container because I’M SINGLE AND CAN’T EAT IT ALL MYSELF. BTW, Jarlsberg dip IS crystal meth in a tasty form.
  • cat food
  • baking soda

Not on the list, but critical to purchase –

  • puffy top lemon cookies – Really, that’s what they’re called. I suspect it’s a correlation between the cookie and what occurs over the waistline of women of a certain age.
  • olive bar olives – See note re: Jarlsberg dip and illicit drugs.

See how fun it would be if you submitted YOUR grocery list and I could analyze it and do commentary?


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  1. Thanks, for your comment, Q. And I meant to thank you for inspiring the Single People’s Grocery Lists Wine Tasting Event (Wed., Aug. 31 @ 6:00 p.m. Be there!).

    I’ve found that the Resolve spray is powerless over the Industrial Cat Hurl. I’ve just learned to live w/ it. But I hear you, re: shrieking. We cat owners know it’s useless and what their thought bubble says when we do it…

  2. Hey, great idea re the baby food. I have a 21 year old cat who is very picky (more than average, that is) and the baby food idea sounds great. One of the few commercial cat foods she will eat is one whose real name I don’t even know. My vet (aka dealer) refers to it as “kitty crack” and that’s the only name I know it by. They always bring me the right stuff when I go in and ask for a flat of kitty crack.

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