I don’t get that “fruit on the bottom” yogurt thing.


I have a thing for Greek yogurt. Not the same kind of thing I have for Jeni’s Salty Caramel ice cream, but if I have to eat yogurt, it’s Greek. Originally, that was because you could find Greek yogurt without sugar and stuff I don’t want. Like FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM!

Okay, explain the appeal of that. “Oh wow, there’s fruit on the bottom that I get to stir into my yogurt! It must be fresh if it’s not all smooshed in already. It’s like I’m making it from scratch!”

I bought some by mistake when I picked up a brand I call (Kurt) “Cobain” because that’s what the spelling looked like. That’s probably TMI about my yogurt preferences, but I have to believe I’m not the only one with strong feelings about that “fruit on the bottom” thing!

Today’s list:

  • stuff for peach crisp (Barefoot Contessa rocks!)
  • cat litter (is anyone else bothered by those two things so close on the list?)
  • 9 Volt battery
  • fake butter
  • white wine (for cat’s birthday party – he likes a fruity, but dry, white.)
  • heavy cream (cancelled out by fake butter above)

If it’s not too personal, please let me know your feelings about the fruit-on-the- bottom issue.


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  1. Okay, since Ashley’s single can I share her thoughts? (although I’m pretty sure there’s something going on between her and the little boy in Thomas the Tank Engine shirts at daycare!)

    I feed her YoBaby and YoToddler and she won’t eat it if I mix the fruit in, unless I mix it REALLY well that she doesn’t even realize it. If she opens it herself, she just eats the top of the yogurt and then leave the fruit stuck at the bottom. So I guess she shares your feelings to a degree.

    I’m glad you clarified on the white wine because I thought you were a red lady. If I’m doing white, I like pinot grigi or Moscata! YUM. (Yes, I like sickeningly sweet wines). I also drink white zin so shoot me. LOL

    • Well, Ashley knows her stuff!

      I go both ways on wine colors – actually three since I likes roses (there’s an invisible accent mark over the “e”), too.

    • Thanks, Carolyn for your comment. Fresh is best. You may be on to something w/ the lazy aspect. I suspect those are the folks that just dump it upside down in a bowl…

  2. I think people torture themselves through the unflavored yogurt so they can get a sugar high on the fruit on the bottom. Yes, that’s what it is! A conspiracy to get us to eat more jam. A gateway sugar hit. OK, I’ve put down the spoon.

    I buy plain Greek yogurt. I like the way it tastes if I mix in sunflower seeds and raisins. And not just on the bottom, either. I’ve also mixed in cubed up mango, pecan halves, and diced candied ginger. Yum all the way around.

  3. No strong feelings against fruit on the bottom. But I do ‘LOVE’ the Barefoot Contessa shout out (She doesn’t know it, but she kept me sane from 3-5 p.m. each day while on my 11 weeks of bed rest with the Divine Miss E) though deeply concerned by the 9 volt battery. Just a single? Why not a 2 package? Fire alarm? Flashlight? I don’t want to know?!

    And as the outer edge Midwesterner that you are…I have to sass you about your fake butter. Real is the only way to go you know. (Said with the elevated “Noooo” as only a plump and delightful Wisconsinsite who needs to quit real butter could say.)

    • Hey Meg, you’re so right about the butter thing. Bad. I mix it up w/ the fake butter (the kind that supposedly isn’t crafted from petroleum) and the real deal. If it’s worth it, like on fresh-picked Ohio sweetcorn, I go for the real stuff.

      Oh, you know the BC rocks it! And she is not the least bit afraid of butter…

      The single 9V battery is just pure ignorance. I only found one good one in the drawer left by the “one-who-is-no-longer-an-inhabitant” (along with a collection of 234 other sizes that may or may not be dead). I used it to fix a psychotic smoke alarm. Didn’t realize they came in twos. Wow!

  4. If my memory is correct (and it very well may NOT be), I think the “fruit on the bottom” started so that you could poke a hole in the bottom on the container, invert it into a bowl, and see a beautiful yogurt “parfait”, with the fruit as a “topping”, drizzling down the side. While that might have eye appeal, what single person is going to dirty a bowl to eat something that already comes in a single-serve container???

    • Oh Maria, you’re a woman after my own heart! Lately, I’ve lapsed into what I refer to as “frat boy eating.” Why even use a bowl or a plate if you can eat it over the sink or off a napkin? To think I used to use china…and silverware.

  5. Ok so not single but …… Don’t like the yogurt with fruit on the bottom. It is runny and sour. Love the greek yogurt with honey on the side. The proper way to eat it is to find an old baby spoon get a spoonful of yogurt and then slather in honey. I find using a baby spoon (preferably silver) works well when eating ice cream too. Cause you are just eating tiny bites. So what if it is fifty bites. They are little so don’t count. Hey there’s that man again pretending to read a book while his dog craps in my yard. Does he really think that if he is not looking it doesn’t count? Gotta go.

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