The laxative is for my cat. Really.


By now you know how much my single person grocery list reflects what my cat needs/wants. But when I put the generic Miralax on the checkout belt, I didn’t feel the need to say it was for my cat. TMI, right?

Other items on the list:

  • 9 Volt batteries (for the next time the smoke alarm has a psychotic episode)
  • hot sesame chili oil 
  • fat-free half n half ( to put in my coffee when I have that peach/raspberry crisp w/ homemade vanilla ice cream. It’s all about balance.)
  • soda w/ caffeine (for when I want to perk up and stay awake past 8 p.m.)
  • cat food (doing a seafood medley this week)
  • beer (I’m usually a wine girl, but having peeps over for the cat’s birthday party. See above.)

I need YOUR lists, people! I know you have good ones and now you can submit on the “Submit Your Grocery Lists” page. Easy. Do it.



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    • Awww, my partner in Kitteh Enemas! Now I’ve effectively lost 99.9% of my readership. But I had to say it proud and out loud!

      Thanks for your list, too!

  1. Fat free half and half sounds like none and none to me–no taste, no cool visual effect in the coffee. If you are going to be calorie-conscious, take a spoonful of that vanilla ice cream and drop it into the coffee. Same calories, but much better tasting coffee. And send Sarah a prize for that answer!

    • Fat Free Half and Half is one of those nice delusional things that makes me happy. But I will admit when I have a bit of heavy cream left after making homemade ice cream, I have been known to drop it in my coffee. Wow, head rush!

  2. I would add chocolate “Ex-Lax” for those other single friends who eat too many of your favorite brownies…I would never do such a thing…unless heavily intoxicated lol…Samantha Goldberg

  3. Thanks, Sam, for your comment! Leave it to a cool chick to think to put chocolate and laxatives in the same sentence. Not for kitteh, though. TOXIC!

    But the brownies and a nice red wine…now you’re talkin’…

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