The Rules – Loose as They Are…


I feel the need to reiterate the SinglePeoplesGroceryLists (SPGL? A pal suggested that looks like a sports team) rules which we very loosely enforce, if at all.

But there appears to be some confusion amongst “The Marrieds” about what they’re allowed to do on here.  I could say they might be confused on more than one level, but that sounds judgmental and we never judge or at least not often.

The Rules, Such as They Are

  • Only single peeps can submit their grocery lists.

That’s it. The only rule. The Marrieds can subscribe, comment, act up, protest, rat out their SO or just hang out. So join in, don’t be shy.


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  1. OK…we marrieds may be able to follow that rule. But you didn’t say anything about us submitting our lists if they are not for the grocery…

    • That would be for a whole other blog that is not within our domain.

      Maybe you should start your own. “Shopping Two By Two,” “Oh, Honey, Let’s Get That!” or maybe, “Boneless Chicken Breasts AGAIN?”

    • That’s an excellent question, Ali. Not sure of your status since you might be an either/or, but answer the following questions and I think that will narrow it down for you.

      Do you shop like a single person?
      Do you eat like a single person?
      Have you consumed food over the sink so you don’t have to dirty a plate?

      If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be a member of our club…

    • Well, Kristen, that’s an interesting question. Do you mean shopping as a single person for a week or weekend while SO is MIA? Or do you mean one single week or weekend as opposed to the rest of your life? We writers must be as anal as possible and dissect each written word. I believe it’s in the writers’ code is it not?

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