September Vogue and Cheap Granola


Here’s yesterday’s list. Not terribly exciting since I’m not having people over this weekend. That means maybe eating popcorn and peaches for several meals. It’s what we single people do…

  • September VogueI actually used to subscribe, but I’m really not a Vogue chick. I still buy the giant Sept. issue, though.
  • Granola – I’m trying to stay on budget and granola isn’t cheap. But I did manage to find some that doesn’t look like shredded styrofoam and bird droppings.
  • Cat food – his appetite’s off a bit, so he gets a wide variety this week
  • Baby food – ditto
  • 3 bottles of white wine – @ $4.99 each. Yes, it’s possible to find good, CHEAP wine. Speaking of – Don’t forget the Single People’s Grocery Lists Wine Tasting Event on Wed., Aug. 31st at 6:00 p.m.
  • Fat Free Half & Half – yes, I’m aware I’m kidding myself…
  • New York Extra Sharp Cheddar – I love the Vermont one, too, but Giant Beagle doesn’t carry it in cheap block form.

Did you notice that there’s very little edible stuff, at least for me, on the list? How does that happen? I meant to buy food. Really.


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  1. OK, that would mean leaving the computer and going clear down to the “cellar.” But for you, I’ll do it. I can also tease the readership in anticipation for the wine tasting event, Wed. Aug. 31st @ 6 PM!

    • Hi Ali:

      His Royal Highness Mr. B seems partial to Ham & Ham Gravy, Chicken & Chicken Broth and Turkey & Turkey Broth. But that was yesterday and he may decide today that they all suck and I am a clueless Cat Mom.

  2. I have noted your diet is sadly lacking in grains and we all know they should be included. How about a good hearty brew once in awhile? Hope you survive Irene out on the Prarie! Stay safe.

    • Thank you Lynda, for taking the time to comment. By grains do you mean hops? Because I probably have that covered. Oh, I see you said “brew,” not “stew!” A stew would require purchasing normal ingredients and actually cooking. Whew! I’m glad we straightened that out!

  3. Trader Joe’s has the best cheap wine I’ve ever had. You can get a fabulous bottle for $3.99 or $4.99, no joke. You’d never know it was so inexpensive by the taste, that is for sure. They also have fabulous granola. I like Granola and the Three Berries. I think it’s about $3 a bag, and it’s very filling so it lasts a while!

    • Hi Kristen: Thanks for leaving a comment. Cheap wine and granola – would that they could be a meal. Oh, but they could!

      Do you hold that grinning pug up to the cashier at the grocery to get free dog food? I would give that dog ANYTHING!

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