Virtual Wine Tasting Event Part Deux


Continuing w/ fave, cheap white wines…

Tres Pinons San Luis Obispo 2009 – $6.49 This is another Trader Joe’s fave. It comes and goes and when I ask if they’re getting more, they look mysterious. Odd. It’s also a Torrontes blend. If you find it, buy a bunch. Remember your 10% case discount.

Elsa Bianchi Torrontes 2009 – $9.99 I know, I’m on a Torrontes kick. A bit more than I usually spend, but worth it.

Someone else needs to report in w/ their faves. We need to share our finds!

Well, I think an hour for a virtual happy hour is plenty of time. Please share your wine finds in comments and we’ll try this again soon!


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  1. Now you’ve got me thinking I should open up that bottle of Flip-Flop (as in Jimmy Buffet not politicians) Reisling to taste it. It’s one of those $6.99, comes in a cool, quirky bottle, probably sucks, wines. I’m wondering. But that heavy duty childcare thing you mentioned… plus a ton of work and a kind of icky stomach. 😦 I’ll post another day and let you know if it’s worth it.

  2. Hey, I like wine too. I wish they had it at the dollar store. The cheaper the better…mmmm good…I agree. My problem is I don’t know the right hooty tooty words to mask my cheapness. Do people still talk about “leg” and “nosiness”? Love your blog, but I’m not single, ladies:-)

    • Wow, Raoul, I’m REALLY not surprised you were snatched up off the single shelf! Cause you really know how to sweet talk the wine-drinking single babes.

      Just a couple corrections, but not in a “hooty tooty” spirit. “Legs” is the term used to describe how the wine clings to the glass when you swirl it – kind of like “body.” I think you mean “nose” and not “nosiness, maybe? “Nose” has something to do w/ the layers of aromas – kind of like when you’re swilling, I mean, sampling perfume.

      Glad you love the blog, R. Keep coming back. The Marrieds are always welcome – just can’t post your Dollar Store grocery lists.

    • Hi Hayley: Thanks for stopping by to comment. The Malbecs are getting more popular and so up goes the price, but you can still find some good, cheaper ones. That’s why I look for lesser known varietals. But I’ll take you wine shopping some day and we’ll find the bargains!

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