Virtual Wine Tasting Event!


Hey, it’s happy hour, right? Or maybe just “less than morbidly depressed” hour. But whatever/whoever you are, welcome to our virtual cheap wine tasting event. Although this is a Single People’s Grocery Lists blog, all are welcome, especially to drink and report on cheap, good wines.

A couple disclaimers and thoughts:

  1. I’m not a pro, I just buy and drink at amateur status.
  2. Also, we don’t judge here (kind of like AA only a wee bit more fun) – if you like White Zinfandel and/or box wines, more power to you! I have wine-snobbish pals who have turned up their noses at a nice dry rose (that’s ro-say, but I don’t know where the accent thing-y is.) Hey, their loss!
  3. If you go to a wine store or wine dept. and they treat you like an idiot, leave and find a friendly wine person who is willing to educate you.
  4. Drink responsibly – no driving, texting, rotating tires or heavy-duty childcare whilst imbibing.
  5. Enjoy!

I’ll start w/ some of my faves:


I’m partial right now to Spanish and Argentine reds. What’s nice is that the prices so far are reasonable.

These are OH prices, so I have no idea if you’ll find these wines OR what the prices will be in your area.

Baguala Malbec 2008 Valles Calcharquies — $6.99 I LOVE this wine. In fact, I’ve ordered about 6 cases of it.  NOT ALL AT ONCE, OK!
Marques De Montana Garnacha – $6.99 You’ve probably had Grenache by itself or in a blend of table red.
Di Majo Norante Sangiovese – $9.99 OK, I know that’s a heady price, but this is a great wine. It’s Italian and try any Sangiovese you can get your hands on. Sometimes a blend, too.
Condesa De Sarabella – $7.49 For some reason I started calling this Spanish red “Condoleezza” and that was before what’s-his-name had the hots for her. Nicely balanced. Not amazing, but good.

These are all wines I found at Trader Joe’s. If God hasn’t blessed you w/ a Trader Joe’s, start a petition.

On to whites after I sign onto the lappie down near the wine fridge. For convenience of course…


I should have said in the disclaimer portion that I’m really not much of an American wine fan, at least not CA wines. And I am in the ABC club (Anything But Chardonnay). I like different white varietals like Gruner Veltliner. I promise you if you go to work tomorrow and say you tried one last night, they will think you went to a crazy, underground Austrian after-hours club.

Rene Barbier Mediterranean White – Catalunya – $4.99 I know! This is a go-to summer fave. White Spanish blend.

Tierra De Luna Torrontes/Chard blend -$6.99 I know what I said about Chards, but this is an Argentine blend. You may not find it, but I’ve ordered a couple cases of it. Torrontes is an Argentine grape. You’ll see more of this, I’m sure. Yum!

I’m going  to post this now and continue w/ whites in Part Deux. Ewww, did that remind you of Charlie Sheen? Ick.


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  1. Awww.. you should totally start a wine blog. I had no idea how knowledgeable you are. You’re drinking cheap wines I can’t even pronounce! (That says wine connoisseur to me… and forget about pronouncing, that’s a word I can’t spell.)

    I’m hooked on White Merlot right now actually. And Red Zinfandel. It fits, right?

  2. Uh OH! I might be in over my head or at the wrong party. Nonalc Welch’s Sparkling White is so much better than the red. A fine value at Giant Eagle for $2.39. Buy it by the boatloads. I find I can entertain my addiction to this fine wine even at breakfast before work. Anyone else have any breakfast faves? Red or white?

    • Hello Victoria:

      Glad you have found a fave. We don’t really sanction drinking wine with breakfast here, suggesting that you at least wait for an early lunch.

      I would ask your Giant Beagle distributor for the typical wine 10% case discount.

    • Hi Sarah: Thanks for stopping by. I decided that sitting in front of my PC for more than an hour wasn’t quite the relaxing wine-sipping ambiance I was after. So moved to the deck. Pinot is potent, but it’s Fall, right?

  3. WOOT for standing! 🙂 Okay, so, queasy tummy feeling better I went out with the neighbors to dinner and had a glass of really cheap merlot. (That probably cost as much as a bottle of any of the great wines you’ve mentioned).

    Not wanting to ruin my nice buzz and with both kids asleep, I poured myself a glass of ChocoVine, which actually sounds a lot better in theory than it tastes. The bottle boasts that it’s “Dutch chocolate and fine red wine” and it has a 12% alcohol content. It’s loaded with none of the things you would find in Trader Joe’s wine — it’s got artificial flavors and artificial colors. Although.. .it’s brown. Kind of like chocolate milk. Not so sure why they would need to make that color artificially. Anyway, it tastes exactly like a black russian. And there’s an ominous sentence on the bottle: “Do not mix with acidic beverages.” I’m not even sure what that means but I’m pretty sure orange juice and chocolate red wine would NOT be the next A-list trendy cocktail anyway. Hmm… feeling queasy again. I can’t imagine why.

    • Dawn:

      You really do win the SPGL Wine Tasting Endurance Award, for drinking on a queasy stomach, being my first (and only while it was going on) attendee AND drinking that “interesting” concoction.

      “I’m not even sure what that means but I’m pretty sure orange juice and chocolate red wine would NOT be the next A-list trendy cocktail anyway.”

      Love that. I bet you’re a WRITER! Am I right??

  4. Just discovered Tisdale– a red that is $3.49 a bottle, PLUS you get a 20% discount if you get at least 6 bottles. Yes folks, that = 6 bottles for under $20.00. With all that money you save you can fly out to California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana or Washington to getcha some…

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