What a Coincidence – My Wife Eats, Too!


Today I’m doing a combo of Minutiae and List. Yesterday, I went to Trader Joe’s, my grocery store second home. I’ll do the list, but first I have to talk about this totally annoying thing I’ve encountered since becoming involuntarily single.

I noticed this with many men with whom I interact  (don’t get excited – they work at grocery stores I frequent). They feel the need to interject a minimum of THREE times that their wife or girlfriend likes a particular item I ask them about. One wine guy at Trader Joe’s worked it into the convo FIVE times. I know this because I started counting. Do they think I’m on the prowl for dating fodder at the grocery store?  Really? As a psychotherapist, I call it OVERCOMPENSATING or a GUILTY CONSCIENCE.

I mentioned this recently to my single pal JJ, who has braved all this single crap longer than I. She said she started noticing it as well when newly single, so I realized it wasn’t just me. Now it’s become a game for me. How will they work the SO into a discussion of Viognier vs. Chard?

  • Brie
  • Gorgonzola
  • Greek yogurt
  • Edame hummus and something called “Skinny Fries” What can I say? They were demo-ing them and I was hungry.
  • Fig butter – it will be great w/ the gorgonzola!
  • Lime
  • Maragogype coffee – (pronounced “mara-go-hee-pay” in case you wondered)

Okay, as usual, there’s not much on the list that normal people would combine for an actual meal. But what fun is that?


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  1. I’m so jealous. If I had this list, I would also have the Jimmy Choo 2011 Fall Collection Limited Edition black croc Hunter boots.

  2. Skinny fries? Honestly, I thought I taught you better. Spread fig butter on them at once. Come to think of it, pass the fig butter. By the way, I’ve noticed my grocery list, although not single, often has many and varied types of cheese. Do you suppose this is a universal trend that all people can share and perhaps bring about world peace?

    • You’re so right, Amy. What was I thinking? Actually, I looked at the skinny fries as a mere vehicle to get that hummus to my mouth. Broken up styrofoam cups would work as well.

      Cheese does rule. I understand that you can’t really live on it, but I try.

    • I notice that speaking loudly and looking at me like a pathetic dummy when I look at anything technology-related at Best Buy. That’s why I don’t spend money there. I probably know as much about computers as half those geeky boys.

      Oh, yeah, back to that fig butter. Spread some on a thin, multi-grain cracker, top w/ a dab of bleu cheese (or something smoked would be good, too) and you have dinner!

  3. My kids love Skinny Fries. One of my favorite ‘dinners’ is goat cheese and sundried tomatoes together drizzled with balsamic vinegar – yum

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