Peaches, Tomatoes and Basil…Oh My!


It might be coincidental that I’m trying to get my fill of fresh tomatoes and peaches while they’re in season and that I have to pay my quarterly estimated taxes tomorrow. Because Mr. Tax Man isn’t a fun or understanding guy, I’ve been trying to save up to pay him. So, I’ve avoided grocery stores and am trying to live on tomatoes and peaches.

Here are some of the creative menu items I’ve had. I’m using up the last of my garden’s basil, too.

  • Sliced tomato and mayo sandwich on toasted wheat bread
  • Tomato and basil pasta
  • Tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad
  • Popcorn with a side of peaches

I also have to admit to doing the “frat boy” eating thing – standing over the sink w/ a  salt shaker and eating a tomato like an apple. I must not be tomatoed- or peached-out yet, because I just bought another bunch of both. Hey, I’ll be happy I did in the middle of winter when both items are hard as cue balls and tasteless.



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  1. Eating a ripe tomato over the sink is a happy-to-be-alive-when-tomatoes-are-in-season thing. I’m jealous. Our tomato season is long gone. Oh, those fragrant tomatoes and basil! Food for the body and the soul!

  2. You are so right, Quinn. Thanks for your comment.

    I’m feeling the pressure now because these babies are ripening faster than I can eat them. But, yet I’m not sharing. I’m thinking a fresh tomato pasta sauce and I’m going to make homemade ice cream to go w/ caramelized peaches…A little obsessed it seems.

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