Kitteh and I Work On Our Fine Lines…


As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m trying not to spend money. Estimated quarterly taxes and winter propane pre-pay due. So, tuna and peanut butter are looking pretty tasty.

But, alas I needed a few things at the grocery and gas and you know if you spend that $50, you get those .20/gal. fuel points. So, here’s today’s list:

  • Eye-Lifting Serum – Now I know this won’t actually lift my lids from their half-mast position, but what the hell, I’ll give it a go. Although Kitty is 16, his eyelids look great, plus I would NEVER put cosmetics on a cat. Well, unless Chanel comes out w/ a line of kitty “looks”…
  • Jeni’s Salty Caramel ice cream – Yes, it IS worth $9.99 a pint. And remember I need those fuel points.
  • A red pepper – I usually roast them for various uses. Put them on a pizza.
  • Fancy-schmancy new cat food – The little man deserves a cat equivalent of Jeni’s.
  • A nice fancy-schmancy new red wine for Cat-mom – Hey, it’s been a long week. It’s a Tempranillo from Spain and it was over my usual $10 limit – $10.99.
  • Two organic dark chocolate bars – One is dark chocolate w/ sea salt, the other I just grabbed – it had a cool label.
  • Diet cola – In a kind universe, this would balance out the Jeni’s and chocolate above.

Again, I have to say that $90 for the above is kinda scary, especially since there are no real meal options for me. The cat is covered.

Speaking again of the kitty, here’s his Internet debut. My talented niece took the photo: Help Kitty Settle Into His New Home  Yeah, I actually write other stuff that pays the bills. Check it out. It’s called “social media marketing” and it’s a good thing. Trust me.

Have a great weekend! Send me your lists, Singles. I need fodder. I’m boring myself w/ my own stuff. Post in a comment on the “Lists” page.




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