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Search for Shams and Veggies…


Just finished up a nice, big writing assignment that coincided w/ the head cold/sinus invasion that won’t die. Well, it must be better because I’m actually craving veggies and other non-processed, high-fat, sodium-laden fare.

It’s a Sham

Working at full tilt while sick took a toll:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of DVR-ed TV viewing
  • No attention to anything resembling cleaning. (No serious cleaning has happened here since I could afford to pay for it in Aug.)

So in response to having some downtime, I became a little too focused on finding new pillow shams. Now don’t confuse me w/ someone who religiously watches HGTV decorating shows or buys “High Priestess of Perfect Living” magazine. I have good taste and can put colors together, but it’s not my life’s mission.

Two trips to Kohl’s (did you get 15, 20 or 30% off??) and I’ve found the shams. Oh, and the Vera Wang coverlet, a robe, a coffee mug and two plates.

Perhaps I should go make some money to pay for the above…and to buy some food that doesn’t have Velveeta as the main attraction.

Not my shams, but fun, huh? If you're four...


But My Sinuses Need a Pizza and Ice Cream…


I’ll admit I’m a bit of a baby when I have a cold/sinus thing going on. Since I rarely get sick, I’m totally impatient w/ it. I also hate taking cold meds. because they make me loopy. Okay, loopier. Didn’t feel like it, but journeyed out to the store for cat food and something appetizing for the weekend. Here’s what leaped into the cart. I had no control over it.

  • A Paul Newman pizza – Have to say for a frozen product, these are good.
  • Velveeta & shells – What can I say? The shells on the box were glistening (see cold meds. above).
  • Ginger cookies – Not even fresh bakery ones, but the packaged crappy ones.
  • Generic condensed noodle soup – It’s for the sinuses.
  • Take and bake French bread – I might actually throw some spaghetti sauce in a pan. Bread would be good w/ it. A salad sounds insurmountable – way too complicated (see cold meds. above).
  • Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream – Got this at the Dairy Queen-type place on the way home. Had to buy a quart because that’s the law.
  • Cat food – I mixed it up a bit for him, got some kitten food in funky pink cans.

There was more stuff, but I’m even boring myself at this point.

Have a good one. Don’t get sick!

Married Poses as Single for Secret Shopping Spree…


One of my married pals gets a pass today as she shared her sneaky plan to masquerade as a single and take time off from work to do some serious shopping damage. Although she’s wandering out of the food area, we’ll let that slide today.

Here’s the plan/list:

  • Decorations from Taylor Creek ($$$…total splurge place) for autumn to replace my Halloween decorations in two weeks.
  • $15 Wine (splurge)
  • GOOD cheese (the goat cheese that floats in flavored oil, natch)
  • EXPENSIVE bread sticks from France
  • asparagus
  • fruit
  • Every product ever made for fine lines, wrinkles and brighteners by philosophy from Sephora
  • Heck, I might even get a spray tan today. Already looking pale.

I’m liking the variety and the INDULGENCE factor of this girl’s list. She deserves it after all – hard-working mommy! You go, Girlfriend!

My own headcold-sponsored grocery list next! The sinuses want what the sinuses want…


My Blog Feels Neglected…


See what happens when you have a fun weekend in Chicago and then get a new writing assignment? No blogging happens.

My blog tweeted, texted, IM’d and FB messaged me to get on it. Nothing sadder than an abandoned blog just flapping out there in the blogosphere with not even a single post IN OCTOBER!

So, I promise that I’ll take a break from income-producing work to entertain you…