My Blog Feels Neglected…


See what happens when you have a fun weekend in Chicago and then get a new writing assignment? No blogging happens.

My blog tweeted, texted, IM’d and FB messaged me to get on it. Nothing sadder than an abandoned blog just flapping out there in the blogosphere with not even a single post IN OCTOBER!

So, I promise that I’ll take a break from income-producing work to entertain you…


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  1. Was thinking of you the other day when I went to the grocery and spent $286.00 in an effort to fill up my frig and cupboards, so as to give the impression to my visiting parents that I normally have meals with side dishes, lots of choices of food, snacks etc. in my house. Now I am overwhelmed with my stockade; I probably won’t have a “Single Person Grocery List” to share with you until some time close to Thanksgiving….

  2. Good for you going over to the other side for a bit. “Side dishes?” “Meals?” Wow, that’s some exotic stuff.

    I got excited recently when I saw that many frozen dinner brands now have entire meals and not just entrees. But I couldn’t make the commitment.

    • I’ve been relying on them since I caught a cold out of nowhere. Boiling pasta and opening a jar of sauce seems beyond my capabilities right now. Stouffer’s mac n cheese is awesomeness!

    • And as you know, keeping up the blog is critical.

      In your case, there’s some man sneaking around trying to write in it. Might want to check that out. Just sayin’

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