Married Poses as Single for Secret Shopping Spree…


One of my married pals gets a pass today as she shared her sneaky plan to masquerade as a single and take time off from work to do some serious shopping damage. Although she’s wandering out of the food area, we’ll let that slide today.

Here’s the plan/list:

  • Decorations from Taylor Creek ($$$…total splurge place) for autumn to replace my Halloween decorations in two weeks.
  • $15 Wine (splurge)
  • GOOD cheese (the goat cheese that floats in flavored oil, natch)
  • EXPENSIVE bread sticks from France
  • asparagus
  • fruit
  • Every product ever made for fine lines, wrinkles and brighteners by philosophy from Sephora
  • Heck, I might even get a spray tan today. Already looking pale.

I’m liking the variety and the INDULGENCE factor of this girl’s list. She deserves it after all – hard-working mommy! You go, Girlfriend!

My own headcold-sponsored grocery list next! The sinuses want what the sinuses want…



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