Search for Shams and Veggies…


Just finished up a nice, big writing assignment that coincided w/ the head cold/sinus invasion that won’t die. Well, it must be better because I’m actually craving veggies and other non-processed, high-fat, sodium-laden fare.

It’s a Sham

Working at full tilt while sick took a toll:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of DVR-ed TV viewing
  • No attention to anything resembling cleaning. (No serious cleaning has happened here since I could afford to pay for it in Aug.)

So in response to having some downtime, I became a little too focused on finding new pillow shams. Now don’t confuse me w/ someone who religiously watches HGTV decorating shows or buys “High Priestess of Perfect Living” magazine. I have good taste and can put colors together, but it’s not my life’s mission.

Two trips to Kohl’s (did you get 15, 20 or 30% off??) and I’ve found the shams. Oh, and the Vera Wang coverlet, a robe, a coffee mug and two plates.

Perhaps I should go make some money to pay for the above…and to buy some food that doesn’t have Velveeta as the main attraction.

Not my shams, but fun, huh? If you're four...


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