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Holiday Food Shopping and Shoppers are Annoying


I haven’t posted in 12 days because I’m still sick. Yes, I am now on Day 40+ and the 3rd antibiotic. Although I do feel better, thanks for asking, I’m beyond cranky. I’m afraid I may have to unleash some of it at the grocery while being cart-rammed by holiday food shoppers who are in a fugue state. (That’s a psych term meaning a mild dissociative experience which seems to occur when they leave their cart in mid-aisle.)

I rarely enjoy the holidays, so I’m staying out of the fray. I don’t want to get head-bumped by someone grabbing the last bag of mini-marshmallows. Geesh. Really lady, is that a life priority for you? (Told you – VERY cranky.)

So let’s list, people. This was a recent trip because I was desperate – low on wine, cat food and fat and sugar-filled food.

  • Lettuce – I KNOW! Not a spec of fat content.
  • 2 bottles of Italian red wine – My wine guy hooked me up.
  • TP – Do the double rolls seem to be getting smaller?
  • Bag ‘o cheese – Italian blend
  • Cat food – the 24-pack I bought awhile back has induced ennui in His Royal Furness, so I opted to add some variety.
  • Resolve – for pet “stains” Don’t ask.
  • Rotisserie chicken – I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these dudes. Today, I’ll make pesto chicken salad w/ the leftovers.

So again I see very little above that constitutes components for a meal. But that’s how I shop. Please notice no holiday food. I am on the hunt for a local, fresh organic chicken for next week, though. I can cook if I have to. 11/24 is also an excuse to make a pumpkin pie and I need to get my pie on.


What Wine Goes With An Antibiotic?


I haven’t posted since 10/26 as I’ve been too busy contemplating drilling holes into my head to relieve the sinus pressure. Finally, I caved and went to the doctor for an antibiotic. Hello nausea.

Having no food that I could even imagine eating, I went out for upset-stomach fare. I went without a grocery list since it was a “I wonder if that will make me puke? process.  Here’s what I got:

  • vanilla yogurt
  • frozen mac n cheese
  • a giant tub of mashed potatoes
  • ginger ale
  • generic Pepto-Bismol tablets – really, who want to taste that?
  • cat food – lovely opening a can of liver and chicken flavor when you feel sick
  • canned soup
  • dramamine – in case the pink bills don’t do it.  Not that there’s a lot of motion going on around here.

No wine goes with an antibiotic. I contemplated that for about 30 seconds then had some ginger ale. It’s very fruit forward with a hint of, well, ginger…