What Wine Goes With An Antibiotic?


I haven’t posted since 10/26 as I’ve been too busy contemplating drilling holes into my head to relieve the sinus pressure. Finally, I caved and went to the doctor for an antibiotic. Hello nausea.

Having no food that I could even imagine eating, I went out for upset-stomach fare. I went without a grocery list since it was a “I wonder if that will make me puke? process.  Here’s what I got:

  • vanilla yogurt
  • frozen mac n cheese
  • a giant tub of mashed potatoes
  • ginger ale
  • generic Pepto-Bismol tablets – really, who want to taste that?
  • cat food – lovely opening a can of liver and chicken flavor when you feel sick
  • canned soup
  • dramamine – in case the pink bills don’t do it.  Not that there’s a lot of motion going on around here.

No wine goes with an antibiotic. I contemplated that for about 30 seconds then had some ginger ale. It’s very fruit forward with a hint of, well, ginger…


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    • I hear ya, Amy. My voice could actually be mistaken for a perve on the phone, but I’m not familiar w/ the lingo.

      Maybe if we pay our “illness from hell” dues now, we will be healthy this winter?

  1. Hmm….I don’t know…..not good to have too much dairy when battling sinus stuff but definitely comfort foods. Yogurt is good since you’re doing the antiobiotics. Pat yourself on the back if you didn’t get the wine as it will counter the antibiotics. I was confused by the fruit with ginger…..was that are reference to mixing wine and ginger ale? OK. I’ll stop playing mom. Hope you feel better. (Isn’t it about 3 days before the antibiotics kick in and you begin to feel better)?

  2. Oh, Bettina, while I do appreciate your concern, I have to correct one assumption. I DO want to get well, but up until the antibiotic-induced nausea, I was using this illness as an excuse to consume as much crap as possible. I will re-acquaint myself w/ the produce department soon, I promise.

    And I would never mix wine w/ ginger ale – I know the rules. 😉

  3. I just posted a sangria with ginger ale as the mixer haha that might work well for you. theres a cranberry wine by Velanzanos Winery in NJ, cranberry is good for getting better haha. get well soon!

    • Hi Shannon:

      Thanks for visiting my bloggy. I like yours. Well, really, what’s not to like – it’s about wine! But it looks like you actually leave the house and go to wineries. Lucky you. Not sure I want to mix wine and ginger ale for real, though.

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