Holiday Food Shopping and Shoppers are Annoying


I haven’t posted in 12 days because I’m still sick. Yes, I am now on Day 40+ and the 3rd antibiotic. Although I do feel better, thanks for asking, I’m beyond cranky. I’m afraid I may have to unleash some of it at the grocery while being cart-rammed by holiday food shoppers who are in a fugue state. (That’s a psych term meaning a mild dissociative experience which seems to occur when they leave their cart in mid-aisle.)

I rarely enjoy the holidays, so I’m staying out of the fray. I don’t want to get head-bumped by someone grabbing the last bag of mini-marshmallows. Geesh. Really lady, is that a life priority for you? (Told you – VERY cranky.)

So let’s list, people. This was a recent trip because I was desperate – low on wine, cat food and fat and sugar-filled food.

  • Lettuce – I KNOW! Not a spec of fat content.
  • 2 bottles of Italian red wine – My wine guy hooked me up.
  • TP – Do the double rolls seem to be getting smaller?
  • Bag ‘o cheese – Italian blend
  • Cat food – the 24-pack I bought awhile back has induced ennui in His Royal Furness, so I opted to add some variety.
  • Resolve – for pet “stains” Don’t ask.
  • Rotisserie chicken – I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these dudes. Today, I’ll make pesto chicken salad w/ the leftovers.

So again I see very little above that constitutes components for a meal. But that’s how I shop. Please notice no holiday food. I am on the hunt for a local, fresh organic chicken for next week, though. I can cook if I have to. 11/24 is also an excuse to make a pumpkin pie and I need to get my pie on.


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  1. Okay, “dish” the recipe for the pesto chicken salad, lady. ;D Wish you lived closer. We could NOT do Thanksgiving together. 😀

    • We could at least drink our portion of the holiday together! I’ll post recipe later when I make it – it varies depending on whether I can afford pine nuts…

      Thanks for commenting, Holiday Queen.

  2. Thanks, Talia, for commenting.

    Yeah, I noticed that after I wrote it. But, I already had a good stash on hand – Peppermint Patties, Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip ice cream, maple sandwich cookies and tons of cheese. I especially like it when all the cheeses are nearing their “best by” date – it’s an excuse to have a cheese tray for dinner.

    Was that enough food porn for you? I could go on…

  3. Hmmm, I bet that pesto chicken would taste yummy shredded and wrapped up in lettuce (instead of tortillas). With a glass of red wine (put yourself in the holiday mood with green pesto and red wine). My favorite product of all time is Resolve. When combined with Nature’s Miracle, life with cats can be good.

    • Wow, thanks, Carolyn. You’ve supplied me w/ my first video. In return I’ll post my pal’s Spiced Pumpkin Dip recipe here later. It’s like an excuse to just eat pie filling by the spoonful…

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