Are There “Staples” Other Than Wine and Brie?


Yesterday, I went to the grocery for the first time in two weeks. As I mentioned in my last post “New Year-New Weird Cr– to Do with Food”, I’m trying to use up all the food I have on hand and stretch that budget. But honestly, how can I spend $131 ($20 was cash back) and come home w/ the only consumables being cereal, breakfast bars and hot dogs? Well it was the “toiletries” shopping day – toothpaste, Ibuprophen and moisturizing lotion (which BTW, is more $ than a bottle of decent inexpensive wine!), etc.

Pantry Staples

(I had a nice image of Brie here that someone must have eaten!)

I’ve recently realized I have nothing that you would consider a “basic” in my pantry – no tuna, spaghetti sauce (that doesn’t have a 2003 expiration date) or other stuff that might make a meal. Unless you consider Brie, white and red wine to be basics… which, of course, I do.

But then I thought about some of the stuff I have on hand right now – smoked salmon, prosciutto, pancetta, an aged cheese w/ Syrah and a frozen Newman’s Own pizza. Hey, those are my staples!

Maybe next trip I’ll shoot for some normal-people food:

  • Peanut butter
  • Bread (that isn’t bakery foo-foo stuff that gets stale in 20 mins.)
  • Pasta
  • Hey, how about some fruit and veggies? Brie is rather low on the essential nutrients and vitamins…

So, what’s in YOUR pantry? Confess, I won’t tell…


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  1. My good pal JJ just informed me that I had a typo in my subhead – “Panty Staples” instead of “Pantry Staples.” Oh, no, that would be an entirely DIFFERENT BLOG!


  2. Even when I go in with a list, I always have to go back…sometimes on the same day to get what I forgot. I think it stems back to when the 6 kids would desend on the car on grocery day like locusts eating most of it before it ever got to the pantry. Just stopped by to say hello. I’ll be at the EBWW 2012 also. I’ll be at the “bird” table on Thursday evening. Hope you will stop by. I’ll be the one going over the grocery list for when I get back home and there is no food left. Jody The Medicare Mom, Funny piece!

  3. Hi Jody: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Especially since it probably delayed your return to the grocery store for a fifth time. 😉 Your blog title is wonderful – I’ll go check it out!

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