Groceries in the Wild


Today, my need for cat food and chocolate outweighed my concern about driving in the snow on bad tires. So I went to the grocery. My austerity plan is working fairly well – I’m trying to eat up everything I have on hand and spend less money on food items and luxuries like TP. But I needed a few other essentials.

Wild Kingdom

You may not believe this, but I swear I’m not making it up. I was in the drugstore part of the grocery store and walking by the adult “undergarments” area. OK, I was NOT buying them – even though they come in cool colors (like beige) now, I’m not there yet.

There on the shelves, in the midst of the diapers, were two mesh bags of pine cones. It wasn’t as though someone was in the home decor section and left these guys out of place. They had migrated to the adult diaper section. I completely lost track what I was over there to get.




(Pine cones behaving themselves.)


Today’s List

Having enough wine, frozen entrees, Brie (I’m slipping that one in because it gets lots of hits. Evidently, there are Brie cults out there in cyberspace.), hummus and pitas, I got the following:

  • Cat food – heavy on the fish flavors today
  • Fat-free creamer – this balances out the Chinese cookies…
  • TP – does anyone buy packages of single rolls any more? There’s double, mega…
  • Chocolate – I’ve discovered the most wondrous item of chocolatedom – dark chocolate w/ sea salt. Damn!
  • Elbow macaroni
  • Peppered turkey from the deli – this is another new fave
  • Some other stuff that w/ the above totaled $73.65 – I know I repeat myself, but how does that happen? Was the TP $29.95??

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  1. Whoa…….do I have a recipe for you. Since chocolate and salt was mentioned here, it reminded me of “Espresso Caramel Bars” You sprinkle the top layer of chocolate with smoked sea salt. It rocks!

  2. Thanks, Karen. Not sure I should add more chocolate/caramel items to my already fat-laden diet. Think of all that fat-free half n half I’d have to use to cancel it out.

  3. I know chocolate goes with everything (exept pine cones) but I’m struggling to see the appeal of chocolate and salt. Can someone let me in on the secret?

  4. Interesting list. That’s some serious total for catfood and a few ither items. Are you sure a few bottles of wine and adult diapers and pine cones werent included in the total? Lol. I went yesterday and bought all the fixings for pot roast, milk,butter and bananas. Lately ive been into buying a bunch of high calorie trail mixes from the bulk section which I mix together when I get home.

    • Hi B: Thanks for sharing your list. I know re: the incredibly high total. The grocery I like is kind of $$. But I went back to look @ receipt and the TP was $12.00, trashbags, etc., too add up. Not very tasty, those items.

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