Half a Loaf Shy of a Load…


As I toss yet another stale 6-7 slices of bread from a loaf, I wonder why there aren’t half-loaves for sale in grocery stores? Of course it screams, “I’m a single person and I only need 4-5 slices,” but who cares? I really hate to waste food. And before you tell me that I should throw it out for the wildlife, you should know that I live in an area where the size of said wildlife can be considerably bigger than the average birdie.

Coffee Shop Cool

Today, I decided to dress like a grown-up working person and take my laptop to a local coffee shop and work. Yes, that’s not a new thing, but it is to me. I’m Mocha!late to the laptop-toting, mocha-latte sipping crowd. But as I get squirrely-er heading into Feb., I realize I need to get out more – out “amongst them” as the Amish say. It was a nice change except for the guy who had to blather on about his politics to the shop owner. I would have much preferred the ’80s rock. But it’s a risk you take when you leave your house.

Stopped at the store while out:

  • cat food
  • raspberries, blackberries and grapes
  • peppered turkey (yeah, I’m in a rut w/ this stuff)
  • three-cheese semolina bread (I will freeze half of it!)
  • bottled water – I have a $3,000 water softener (came w/ the house), so I have no excuse for not putting my water in a bottle. But in a power outage, I’m not getting anything from the well. Been there, done that.

Well, in the hopes that we get more interactive on here, tell me how your winter is going. Confess all that fat and sugar-laden junk you’re eating. As usual, I won’t tell anyone…


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  1. Half a loaf makes a lot of sense for diabetics, dieters, or people who don’t eat a lot of bread. I found that freezing a whole loaf, 4 slices at a time, allowed for a long time of fresh bread. I’d pull it out of the freezer, stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it’s ready to separate and eat. Or toast.

    Oh, and the wildlife? I hate people who throw out bread. In the East, the rats came for it, and here, well, I have to fish half rolls out of my pool. Talk about casting your bread on the waters. The birds just drop it.

  2. Confession? I had to finish the cookie I was scarfing down before I could type a comment. I’m squirreling away chocolate chips to carry me through a long winter.

  3. I stopped at the North Market after a training session at COSI Saturday morning and realized I miss the hustle and bustle of the city. I need to get out among people more too. I think it will make the winter buzz by more quickly. And……..I didn’t have a grocery list because it wasn’t a planned shopping trip. I found WONDERFUL loaf of artisan bread, filled with blue cheese, walnuts and shallots. Yum. Oh yes, a bottle of Cantine Salvatore Nysia wine too!

  4. Well, I think selling half loaves of bread is a brilliant idea and perfect for those of us who are single. I have to buy gluten free bread which goes stale, even in the fridge, just after a couple of days so I kept it frozen and pull out a slice or two at a time.

    I do feed the stale bread to the birds…..and I live in cat country. Somehow they co-exist. What kind of creatures enter your backyard Nancy? Sounds like you are more in the country than I am. I am about 6 blocks from the center of town but across the street behind an elementary school, there is a cemetery and after that a road and then woods. I have seen a huge buck in my backyard eating apples from the ground near the apple tree. One winter, I saw 2 foxes around 5am every morning that I was up that early. They were always gone before the sun was up. I’ve seen racoons, opossums, skunks, and a HUGE black bear. The bear came out of hibernation early & since I live nearly across the street from an elementary school. It was a big to do with every other neighbor calling the cops between 5 and 6 am. By 6:30 am or so, the bear had made its way back down to the cemetery most likely on its way to the woods. I’ve only seen the birds eat the bread though. The others? Besides the deer eating the grounded apples? I don’t know what they eat. I still have all my cats and never lost one except to cars speeding. Most of them are street savvy and go to the big back yard in lieu of the street.

    Back to groceries: I’ve been eating “badly” – months of comfort foods to get me through the holidays, dark and cold days: homemade gluten free macaroni & cheese, American chop suey, Shepard’s Pie, New England Pot Roast, pies, puddings, cakes and lots of chips and gluten free pretzels and lots of tea and cappucinos. I have the weight to confirm said above. lol.

    I went to the podiatrist last week and much to my dismay, I have to wear this bootcast yet another month. Ugh!

    Grocery list recently (in an attempt to eat healthier): carrots, yukon gold potatoes, spring mix of greens, 2 red peppers, 1 avocado, bananas, 1 apple, steel cut oats and gluten free oreos (well, they are called chocolate creme filled cookies), skim milk, chocolate flavored coconut milk, brussel sprouts, 7 bone beef, (I know, healthy would mean buying chicken and I bought beef. What can I say?) and yogurt.

  5. Nancy-
    We had a comfort food get-together last night with the nabes! πŸ™‚ Stuffed cabbage, chili, two kinds of macaroni and cheese (one w/ bacon!), beef and mushrooms, veggies w/ ranch dressing and chocolate cake, cookies and mudslides!! πŸ™‚ With alcohol-infused vanilla whipped cream and an extra shot of blackberry vodka. πŸ™‚

    re: Freezing bread. I do it for the opposite reason. My daughter eats so much whole wheat toast that I buy it when it’s on sale to stock up. It freezes great and, like Quinn said, 10 secs in the microwave defrosts it. You can actually still break slices off when it’s frozen or separate into little 2 – 4 slice packages.

    HOwever, the bread companies could probalby make money by charging more for “convenience” packages.

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