Am I in the Chemex Cult Now?


I will confess to being a coffee snob. I order whole beans from exotic locales and yes, I can tell the difference between these and Grocery Store Brand. I don’t like Starbucks coffee at all unless it’s disguised under mocha, caramel or foofed up cream. That’s how snobby I am.

So in my quest for even better-tasting coffee, I bought a Chemex coffee maker. Now, if you don’t know it, you might think this is some commercial-grade model that costs roughly that of a Lamborghini’s monthly payment. Nah, this is the most basic coffee device – an open hourglass-shaped glass carafe thingy. I got the six-cup model. It was $36.00 on Amazon. But then things got complicated…

Because The Chemex wants certain things:

  • Expensive, oxygenated squares-that-turn-into-a-cone filters
  • A burr-type coffee grinder (these suckers can run over $200!)
  • Coffee ground exactly right (not too fine!)
  • Filtered or spring water (sorry, my water-softened well water will have to do).

So far, I’ve only succumbed to the fancy filters.

Demo Videos

In my research on this baby, I’ve run into a zillion how-to videos. Everyone wants to stand in their kitchen and exhaustively explain how to make coffee in the Chemex. I’ll spare you. Smart chick that I am, I figured it out w/o viewing too many of these.

Amazing Coffee

I have to admit, this simple device makes an amazing cup of coffee. Not bitter at all, just flavorful. I’m a cream freak and I don’t even need to add it.

The Cult Influence

Another confession – I shopped online for a burr coffee grinder. I found one for less than $50. I was tempted, but then I stopped myself before being thoroughly brainwashed. It’s just coffee after all…

Although I’ve avoided indoctrination into Chemex Nirvana, I did order $40 worth of coffee for my new buddy.


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  1. You’ve given me yet another something to research, ponder back and forth regarding the purchase, then hide the box when it comes. Thank you.

  2. Hey Steve:

    Glad to hear from a fellow cult member. I know – it is really pretty simple, but to make 6,000 videos of the Chemex process maintains the mystique.

    As of now, I’ve spent about $100 on accoutrem…, stuff for the Chemex. I will say my fancy new burr grinder is great at grinding. It has 18 grind settings. If my life starts to center around trying out each one, I want someone to do an intervention.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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