Pretzels Everywhere or is it Just Me?


Pretzel Logic might be my fave Steely Dan album, but then again, it might be Royal Scam. I digress...

I love pretzels in many forms. But they are appearing before me (not like in a vision or anything – that’s a whole different post) all the time. I just bought Everything Pretzel Thins, which are a different brand from Pretzel Slims. I bought Dark-Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims recently at Trader Joe’s and they are as wonderful as they sound.

Let’s do a round-up of all my faves:

  • Soft pretzels from Target’s “food court”
  • Honey mustard pretzel bites
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Pretzel buns (OMG -these are amazing! You could put anything in these buns and it would be dreamy.)

Perhaps that’s enough pretzel talk for now. But please share your pretzel finds with me!


This is a poor segue, but the pretzel thing made me think of going to real functions like work-related, networking things back in the day. You know, the type where you tried not to drink too much bad white wine while balancing a crappy appetizer and simultaneously pulling out one of your biz cards to share with a potential client/employer.

We now do so much of this online instead of face-to-face. But a recent networking opp. reminded me of how it was to connect at these things. I also think we’ve become so used to online interaction that we’ve forgotten networking “etiquette.” Many people literally shoved their biz cards in my face before I even asked. How about chatting me up first?

But, hey it was good to get out of the house/grocery store/yard and go out “amongst them” as the Amish say.

Networking manners? Discuss!


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