Power Outage Food: Warm Yogurt Anyone?


I’m very lucky that I only experienced about a 43-hour power outage after last Friday’s storms. So, I tried not to be too cranky or stressed – at least there was no damage to my home. Since I’m in the country and there were frequent outages when we moved here, I have the “kit” – Coleman lantern, weather radio, assorted flashlights (which work much better WITH batteries), candles, etc. What I don’t have in a power outage is water. For you city folks – a well pump is the only way to get water throughout the house. No electricity, no water. Oh, you do get one flush per toilet.

Food Challenges

Luckily, my neighbors have a gas generator so I stored some frozen stuff in their freezer. I was optimistic that power would be restored so I kept the fridge door shut. I didn’t have much food anyway, at least not anything terribly interesting. When I had no power on Day 2, I went to my pal’s to stay. I took some of my food and three bottles of wine. Basic survival stuff.

TJ Run

We made a Trader Joe’s run for rations. Here’s some stuff we got:

  • Cookie Butter – she was perilously close to being out of it!
  • Assorted cheeses – I had brought blue and NY cheddar. She bought a truffle cheese.
  • Normal people food – My friend bought actual stuff to eat for the next week, like vegetables, salmon, etc.
  • More wine – What can I say? They had Green Fin which I haven’t been able to get, so we stocked up. It’s an organic white table wine that’s $4.99
  • Sea salt brownie bites – Okay, these are a big winner. Moist, dense little guys w/ a hint of salt.
  • Low calorie organic lemonade – This is good stuff – not too sweet. I got tired of the artificial taste of other lemonades.
  • Pita crackers – These are perfect bite-size crackers w/ light sea salt

We Forgot to Cook

We had intended to make this prosciutto fresh pasta I’d brought and these all natural chicken sausages. But no cooking ensued. We ate grapes, cheese, crackers and brownie bites. And wine – remember it’s fruit on that nutrition pyramid.


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  1. Eek– those storms really did a number on y’all! I like to think of myself as a girl who can rough it, but after 6 days without power following a hurricane many years ago, my mood was quite ugly, to say the least! We had well water then, too, so the little “bird baths” I’d been taking with stored or bottled water had worn thin. Glad your power is back on and here’s hoping the other million folks without power get it back soon.
    Truffle cheese, eh? That’s one I’ll have to look for.

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