The Heat…Burgers…Beer


Now I know why people in the South and hellish desert climates like AZ get annoyed w/ those of us in milder climes when we complain about the heat after a couple days in the 90s. But after days of 100-ish temps, I can say w/o fear of offending my Louisiana and Phoenix pals that it’s f@#%&* HOT!

Tonight, though, I actually sat on my front porch and didn’t feel like my brain was bubbling. I’d still be out there if the biting flies would leave me alone. These are different from the other country varieties I have – the dive-bombing, giant horseflies or the irritating fly-into-your face or land-in-your-wine flies. But at least I’d be outside if it was fly-less territory. I have AC/doors and windows shut cabin fever.

Post Power Outage Grocery Trip

After being powerless for a couple days and then regaining power, I thought it might be safe to buy a few food items. Although I worked over the holiday, I bought some fun stuff to eat.

  • Angus ground chuck to cook out – I’ve mentioned my brilliant charcoal grilling techniques before, but these were the best ever. Topped w/ NY cheddar and sweet onion.
  • Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter – I like porters and stouts if I’m going to drink beer. This one is not bad.
  • Shallots – For a pasta salad recipe I’ll tell you about next time.
  • Maple frosted cookies – From the faux Amish place. They’re getting stingy w/ the frosting, so for $4.59, I may have to pass next time. It’s not worth the fat/calorie binge-let.
  • Hebrew National hot dogs – I didn’t buy these to do the typical 4th thing. I always buy them when I’m in the mood for hot dogs. I think they’re the best and maybe the snout/tail quotient is lower since they’re Kosher. I hope.
  • Strawberries, raspberries and arugula – For the other parts of the food pyramid.

As I read over that list, it’s pretty pedestrian. I’m going to try harder for it to be ironic, snarky, weird or more single-like. There,Single People's Grocery Lists people, I have a goal!


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  1. If you love grilling and mild climates you should move here. It’s always barbie weather in NZ and where I live never snows and is never about high 30s (celcius)

    P.S. Love that tote bag…

    • I might consider it, T. NZ looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for mentioning the tote – I had fun doing those. Hey, tell me what you’d like ( your weird list) on your tote and if you pay the postage, I’ll send you one. Good PR for the blog w/ the Kiwis. PM me.

  2. Thanks for the offer. What a fun idea!

    I will get my thinking cap on and come up with my list. It will probably look remarkably like yours…

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