Peaches and Tomatoes and Corn, Oh My! Buckle Up!

Peaches and Tomatoes and Corn, Oh My! Buckle Up!


Writers are told repeatedly to chill on using exclamation points. But this topic warrants them. My three fave summer foods are almost here!!!

Peaches might be #1. My local orchard, Branstool Orchards has posted its Peach Schedule. I’m in heaven. I make a mean Peach & Raspberry Crisp (not Cobbler, people!) from a Barefoot Contessa recipe. I put them in salads, eat them out of hand and even grill the suckers.


My other favorite season is upon us. I eat tomatoes sometimes throughout the year, but there is nothing like fresh, local summer tomatoes. I must arise early enough to get my butt up to the Farmer’s Market on Sat a.m. and see how fine they are this year. Hey, I get up, I just don’t leave the house on Sat. usually before 10-ish.

Nothing beats a tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad. Seriously. Well maybe a sandwich of nothing but a big fat sliced tomato, salt and a little mayo…


Although I grew up in a little college town, we were in the midst of farm country. My Dad had done a favor for a guy who “gave” us three rows of his sweet corn field to enjoy in the summer. If you’ve never picked your own corn, popped it in boiling water the minute you get home, you really haven’t had sweet corn. If I’m desperate, I’ll buy the grocery store version, but it’s so far from fresh, it might as well be “previously frozen.”  Trust me. At least get to your local farmer’s market and buy a dozen ears.

Hey, are you listening, Veggie Fairy? My pal Ali brought me goodies from her parent’s farm last summer – tomatoes, their own corn hybrid, peppers, etc. Nice!!

I Forgot Ice Cream!

I make homemade ice cream all year ’round, but especially in the summer. This weekend, for my pal’s birthday, I’m going to make Key Lime Ice Cream. I even throw in chunks of frozen graham cracker crust. It’s nom-nom, if I say so myself. But not as good as my butter pecan w/ artisan salt….!!!!


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  1. Veggie Fairy is listening…

    A picture arrived via text message from my dad the other my delight is was a photo of delicious yellow and white corn 🙂

    So I decided to pay the parents a visit yesterday to sample “the goods”..GOODS INDEED!!!!!!!!
    Next week it will be perfect…..I’m going back with more bags!

    See you soon!

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