“Slightly Used” Husband Not on the List


I plan on talking about food and grocery lists in a sec, but must go OT to rant for a second. This is a message for married or attached women I see in my local Kroger and/or other places where you are out w/ your SO.

Trust me, I have ZERO interest in your slightly-used, refurbished, repurposed or retread husband. Of course you know I’m divorced because the pop. around here is 32, but I repeat – don’t want your hubby w/ the beer gut and the baggage! Seriously. I’m not on the prowl. I’m not lookin’ for a MAN. So focus on throwing those Twinkies in your cart and quit w/ the dagger eyes. Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening.

The Cupboard is Bare

Right now, I feel like a college kid who blew the rent or book money on a keg. Only I’m not having that much fun. Being self-employed when there’s a huge gulf between checks in the mail is not pretty. I just hope my last roll of TP gets me through till some money arrives.

I will say it makes for some creative meals, though.

Friends came over Sun., so I bought beef to cook out burgers. What else did I have on hand or make?

  • Blue cheese – Expiration date not legible, but I mixed it w/ soft cream cheese to go with…
  • Fig and olive crackers – Spread the cream cheese on these hideously expensive things ($7.99) They were wonderful, but not that wonderful…
  • Key lime juice
  • Graham cracker crust
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Whole milk…

These ingredients went into key lime pie ice cream. It’s as good as it sounds. The original recipe was from a “Light” cooking mag. Well, if you’re telling me to put in 1/2 c. of heavy cream, it makes NO sense to use reduced-fat milk and fat-free condensed milk. Not a chance – it’s full fat all the way.

While I cooked burgers, I threw some Spinach and Asiago cheese chicken sausages on the grill. Cooked an extra burger so I had meals for most of this week.

My austerity (read: poverty) program resulted in having a bagel w/ the leftover blue and cream cheese mixture. Not bad.


I’ve also managed to make several meals of the kettle chips (reduced fat!) and white cheddar/bacon dip my pal brought Sun. Gawd! Now I remember why I don’t buy these things. Not pretty after such a long time cold-turkey.

Well, for your sake, I hope I get paid before posting again or it’s going to be meager and boring.

ATTN! Your husbands may now move freely about the universe. Not in the market. Really.


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