Peach Madness


Recently, I talked about my summer addictions – peaches, tomatoes and sweet corn. I finally got to the local orchard and bought a peck of peaches the size of softballs. Seriously. I’m not sure what other measurement corresponds to a peck, but it’s a boatload for one person. (Did you think “…picked a peck of pickled peppers” was just a nursery rhyme? I did at one time, too.)

Since I’m in the midst of a peach madness frenzy, which means I’m practically eating them for every meal, I thought I’d share on of my recipes for a peach dessert. No, not pie or cobbler, although I do make those and they’re great. Here it is:

Grilled or Broiled Peaches

Slice peaches in half and remove pit. (I love recipes that either talk to you as if you’re an idiot or leave out entire steps of the process, like you’re psychic. But I pointed out the pit-removal thing, just in case. I hope you aren’t insulted.)

Melt a bit of butter (or you can skip this step – see below). Put a few T. of sugar on a small plate and spread evenly over plate. You can either brush the peach halves w/ butter, then dip in sugar or just dip: the sugar will cling to the peach’s surface. Now put under the broiler or cut side down on the grill.

If grilling, watch carefully, they burn easily. Keep an eye on the broiler, too. When peaches have started to brown and caramelize, remove from grill/broiler. Allow to cool for a sec.

Serve w/ ice cream (I’m doing sea salt caramel this time!) or a sauce. Or both!

Grilled Peach Sauce

(This is for two peaches.) Squeeze half a lime into bowl. Add a couple of tablespoons of honey and mix. I sometimes add lime zest, too. Whisk and drizzle on peach halves.

Now, why would you need anything from any other food group?


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  1. I prefer brown sugar. It caramelizes on the peaches – delicious! A few chocolate chips drizzled over the peaches – or on grilled bananas – are delicious. Just thought you’d like to know…

    P.S. Try it with Greek yoghurt and honey…

    • Brown sugar is a great idea. Last night, I threw them on the grill and had the sea salt caramel ice cream on the side. It just might have been too over the top. No, it was actually just right…

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