Monthly Archives: September 2012

What Style Peanut Butter Does my Dog Like?


My blog has been neglected for well over a month. I apologize. I bet you were thinking, “Wow, I wonder what she’s buying at the grocery this week?” Probably not, since you have a life. Not much shopping lately because money has poured into the black hole of home ownership. If you looked at my driveway, I doubt you’d think I needed 19 tons of gravel. I did.


But bigger news than gravel – I got a puppy! When I lost my main man in March (“Let’s Write Off March 2012”), I didn’t think I’d have another pet for a long time. I certainly couldn’t get my mind around having another cat – it wasn’t right. When a neighbor posted a pic of a yellow lab puppy on Facebook, I was gone. She was rescued from the shelter on the day she was to be euthanized and I contacted her fosters at the end of August. A week and a half later, I had a 6-7 mo. old puppy. I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid, but she’s amazing and we’re settling into a routine. As you might imagine, my grocery list looks quite different. Most of my money now goes for things my dog wants. She likes nice things.

Shopping List for Pup

  • Milk-Bones instead of Malbec
  • Peanut butter (to hide pills and stuff the Kong toy) instead of smoked salmon
  • Chew toys instead of fun cheese
  • Fashion leash and trendy collar instead of fancy crackers
  • Dog food that’s $15.99 for 5 lbs. instead of food for me

Share your dog/puppy stories w/ me. I now speak your language.