What Style Peanut Butter Does my Dog Like?


My blog has been neglected for well over a month. I apologize. I bet you were thinking, “Wow, I wonder what she’s buying at the grocery this week?” Probably not, since you have a life. Not much shopping lately because money has poured into the black hole of home ownership. If you looked at my driveway, I doubt you’d think I needed 19 tons of gravel. I did.


But bigger news than gravel – I got a puppy! When I lost my main man in March (“Let’s Write Off March 2012”), I didn’t think I’d have another pet for a long time. I certainly couldn’t get my mind around having another cat – it wasn’t right. When a neighbor posted a pic of a yellow lab puppy on Facebook, I was gone. She was rescued from the shelter on the day she was to be euthanized and I contacted her fosters at the end of August. A week and a half later, I had a 6-7 mo. old puppy. I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid, but she’s amazing and we’re settling into a routine. As you might imagine, my grocery list looks quite different. Most of my money now goes for things my dog wants. She likes nice things.

Shopping List for Pup

  • Milk-Bones instead of Malbec
  • Peanut butter (to hide pills and stuff the Kong toy) instead of smoked salmon
  • Chew toys instead of fun cheese
  • Fashion leash and trendy collar instead of fancy crackers
  • Dog food that’s $15.99 for 5 lbs. instead of food for me

Share your dog/puppy stories w/ me. I now speak your language.



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  1. Glad you’re back in the saddle again! I was starting to wonder if you were going to post anything on here ever again…

    I carry around my Single People’s Grocery List tote with my camera in it and folks have been asking…

    Can’t wait to meet the new puppy, will you post pics on here too?
    I know Petsmart has their doggie & kitty Halloween costumes out already…Just a thought 😉
    Also, If you ever need a sitter, you know who to call!!

    Get well soon!

    • Hi Ali:
      Thanks for stopping by and your promo efforts w/ the bag.

      Her Highness is very selective about where she appears and told me yesterday she now has an agent advising her. I vow to never dress my pets. I’ve already broken several rules by giving too much thought to how her collar looks w/ her new “fashion leash.” Have to draw the line somewhere.

      We both hope to see you soon. You are already on the pet-sit list!


  2. I also have a new puppy – Francois (I call him Frank) is a standard poodle and 12 weeks old. I also have 3 other dogs so here’s my tip for you: don’t feed puppy milk bones. Trader Joes has some really good dog cookies that actually have some nutritional value. And because I can’t give him a lass of wine to slow him down and get him to stop chewing on me, I stuff the kong with a mix of peanut butter and kibble and then freeze the damned thing hard as a rock because it lasts longer and gives his mouth something to do!

    I make my own dog biscuits – simple, dirt cheap and I know what they’re getting.

    • Congrats on Francois. Does he sport a beret? I’m French so I’m allowed to perpetuate bad stereotypes. Thanks for dog biscuit tips. I did just see those at Trader Joe’s but was distracted since they’re so near the wine dept. I freeze the Kong, too. What an amazing toy!

      Thanks for commenting!

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