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Thanksgiving Pizza


I’m not a fan of the holidays. I used to be (somewhat) before various crappy things happened in my life around this time of year. Now, I get through it w/ friends who don’t hold it against me or have different expectations of the season or me.

But I did want to enjoy some downtime from work and have fun w/ my pup over the holiday weekend. So I bought some fun food, wine and an extra toy or two for her (bright green, rubber chicken-leg looking thing).

Thanksgiving Dinner

Still on an austerity kick (not self-imposed, believe me – I’d love to spend some money w/o giving it a thought) kick, I decided to use up the food I had on hand w/ a couple new items thrown in. Here’s what I created:

Roasted Tomato, Onion and Bacon Pizza

  • 1/2 – 1 pt. cherry tomatoes or larger cut into small chunks
  • 4 lg. garlic cloves, unpeeled
  • 1 c. yellow (or sweet) onion sliced medium thin
  • olive oil
  • s & p
  • shredded mozzarella or Italian combo (as much as you want – hell, it’s the  holidays and everyone else is stuffing themselves!)
  • 5-6 strips cooked bacon, chopped into medium pieces
  •  1 T. fresh oregano, chopped fine
  • pre-made pizza crust
  • One (or more – cheers!) bottle decent red wine

I’ve talked about roasting tomatoes before. Brings out the flavor and great in pasta, etc. Throw some olive oil in a small oven-safe dish. Add tomatoes and garlic, drizzle more oil on top and add salt and pepper. Pierce each tomato w/ a knife so you don’t create little tomato bombs in your oven.

Roast at 375 for about 20-25 minutes. You could roast the onions, too, but they take longer so I did them in a separate dish.

Allow tomatoes and garlic to cool. Remove garlic from skin. Add extra olive oil as needed and puree in food processor until slightly chunky. Chop onions separately and add 1/2 T. of oregano.

Heat oven to crust package directions (this one was 450 degrees). Spread tomato mixture on crust, top w/ onions and bacon. Spread cheese over surface. If the bacon was less done – I like it crisp – I would have put it on top of the cheese to brown.

I baked this for about 10 minutes in a convection oven (A wonderful tool if you haven’t used one.) The cheese was bubbling and crust edges a bit browned. After you take pizza out, sprinkle remaining oregano on top.

This turned out really well. Sweet roasted tomatoes, garlic and onions countered the salty bacon.

Enjoy w/ wine!


About the only thing I really crave of the traditional Thnksgvg. foods is dressing and pumpkin pie. The other crap I could skip.

I had  a frozen Trader Joe’s pie w/ whipped topping that tries to be cream. I had way more than the “recommended serving” size. Screw it. See above.

Fake Wolves Scare Chelse

I decided to buy the first Breaking Dawn “Twilight” movie on cable.  I read the books and had seen the first two and thought they were OK. Blech. I seriously can’t get beyond the lousy acting of that Bella chick and to see her all skeletal and whiny was really taxing. But what made it interesting was the pup’s reaction to the fake wolves (seriously, how badly done were those dudes?). When they came on screen, she charged the TV, hackles raised and barked and growled like crazy!

I’ve noticed she watches TV very intently. Even barks at that roomba-like vacuum thingy infomercial. So, I tried muting the scenes w/ the wolves, but she would catch the action and get right back up in their faces again. Missed most of the movie, but not much of a loss. Only wasted $1.99.

Wine, pizza, the pup and a cheesy movie. Not a bad day/night. I survived. 1 down, 2 to go.


People Actually Get Work Done at Starbucks?


Today I was congratulating myself on dressing like a grown-up (even put on MAC eyeliner!), packing the laptop, dropping the pup at Doggie Day Camp, treating myself to lunch and finally making it to Starbucks to get some work done.

“Medium” Starbucks Pumpkin Latte

Seriously? Do people really get work done at Starbucks? Folks next to me are earnestly discussing Jesus, some not-great blues is playing and I haven’t done a lick of work. I am, however, enjoying my medium $4.55 Pumpkin Latte ( I don’t call it “grande,” it sounds so pretentious). So I’m not even breaking even – spent $34 ($14.00 for pup care) and have not written a single income-producing word.

I’ll head to Trader Joe’s in a bit and pick up some goodies and report in later. Watch my deficit column grow…

Essentials from Trader Joe’s

I always think I will just pick up a few things at TJ’s. That never happens. This was the list:

  • maple syrup
  • honey
  • goat cheese
  • wine (1-2 bottles of red)
  • tea
  • fig jam

Here’s what I threw in my cart in addition to the above:

  • 5 bottles of wine, total
  • frozen pumpkin pie
  • coconut milk (that WAS on my list for another grocery store)
  • coffee (since when has coffee gone to less than 12 oz. bags? It was bad enough that there is no longer a 1 lb. choice)

Grand total: $78. Did not see that coming.

Dog Trumps Blog


I hope there’s a support group out there for neglected blogs. Mine needs it. At group, I imagine you’d hear them say things like, “She was crazy about me at first, posting daily and then I guess the thrill wore off…”

My last post was 9/25. The only excuse I have is I got a puppy. I honestly don’t know how you human parents do it. I’ve barely had time to work or do anything not puppy related. Training, buying matching/coordinating collars and leashes, vet visits, throwing the squeaky ball 23,000 times, etc. How do you manage??

She’s doing great and at almost 9 months, needs less attention. But when I’m on deadline, there needs to be a puppy equivalent to Dora or Nemo DVDs for the busy Dog Mom.

Thanksgiving Non-Holiday Foods

My mother informed me she’d like to just hang at home this year, so I have no Thanksgiving plans. Before you feel sorry for me, it’s actually the way I like it. Too many years w/ the ex’s family –  giving each other “suggestions” while cooking and then getting stuck w/ the horrific clean-up that followed their insane food fests did me in. I could give a sh**.

But I’ll check in next week and tell you what wine I I’m choosing to go w/ the pizza or Whopper combo I’m having. And I have baby Butterfingers leftover from Halloween. Score!