It’s Not Speed, It’s Medication…


My last entry was on 2/23 and I lamented that my cold was demanding salty, sugary, fat-laden fare. That was week two of being sick, which has now morphed into the fourth week and the sinus infection from hell. So, I’m on my second week of antibiotics and the OTC decongestant. I did notice a surprise benefit from the OTC drug – it’s kind of like speed (for those of you too young or innocent to remember – like legal diet pills, etc. Yeah, let’s go w/ that)  as far as curbing the appetite for the above mentioned demon foods.

Craving Veggies

I found myself craving vegetables and turned off by the idea of pizza.  I actually threw out some cookies. I know! So I had the following for dinner Tues. night:

  • Grilled chicken breast – I’ve grown to like my little Forman grill, although I hate cleaning it. My friend who gave it to me said, “That’s what the dog is for.”
  • Roasted carrots – If you’ve never roasted vegetables, you’re missing an easy, tasty way to get that pyramid in your body. I toss sliced carrots (an inch thick or use baby carrots) w/ olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for 20 min. at 400.
  • Swiss chard w/ pine nuts – This is a new veg. for me. I recently made a soup w/ it, but chopped the leftover swiss chard into 1″ ribbons, sauteed them in olive oil w/ garlic, then tossed w/ toasted pine nuts.

I’m amazed at how healthy and tasty it was!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Budgetary concerns have me buying grocery-store brand coffee lately. Boo. It sucks. If you read this blog, you know I’m a coffee snob. After my dr. appt. this week, I stopped at Whole Foods for real, freshly roasted coffee. WF is where I’d shop if I were rich. I love that store, but can only afford short, infrequent forays or my house would be in foreclosure.

I made a pot of El Canto Espresso (Mexican) this morning. OMG, what a difference! This coffee was roasted on 3/4. That’s right, ROASTED earlier this week. Not in 2011 and sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

I made it out of WF spending less than $100, which never happens. Of course I avoided the wine dept. and only bought the “bargain bin” cheese. They’ve started cutting small pieces of the cheeses that go for $16.99/lb. into tiny chunks so you can try them. Great idea. I got a Spanish bleu.

That’s all I have. Being sick is incredibly boring, so I’ll spare you.


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