Big Box Grocery vs. Single Peeps


Don’t you hate it when you start reading and following a blog and they don’t update it for months or even years? Me, too. But I’m guilty as charged – my last post was in early May and we’re cruising into August. Bad blogger, bad blogger! I thought I’d squeeze in an update before taking a hiatus. More on that later…

Mr. Sam’s Big Bulk Extravaganza

I hadn’t belonged to the Big Grocery since He Who No Longer Inhabits was around. Couldn’t afford the membership and didn’t think a single person benefits much from the bulk theory. But a Groupon lured me in, especially since it came w/ a free rotisserie chicken, pizza and cookies. My first trip, I bought:

  • 14 lbs. of large Milk-Bones – The only issue I have is storage. I have them stashed all over the house in weird containers.
  • 36 rolls or toilet paper – If you’ve never been near poverty, you don’t know the joys of buying that much TP at once. As I’ve mentioned before, paper products wreak hell on single people’s budgets, but going w/o is not really an option.
  • A zillion rolls of paper towels – See above, except the the ecstasy of TP abundance part – I can’t get that excited about Bounty. But I hate to run out.
  • Comfort bras – Hey, they came in a two-pack at a good price.
  • Some food items – Maybe a couple hundred tomatoes in a package, the free cookies, etc. I was suddenly in a “Big Box Introvert-Response Mode” and had to leave the warehouse and decompress.

Recently, I added my pal Sarah to my membership. They allow other people at your address to be on your account. We don’t live together, but I doubt they care. We did tell them we were “heterosexual life partners” just to give them something to talk about on a cig. break. Sarah and I split a 2-pack of Cheerios and a package of TP. If we were dating, we decided these trips could be a Friday Night Date Night activity.peaches 812

Moving on…

I mentioned the hiatus above. This blog’s been super fun and I’ve loved the reader response. But it’s kind of life-stage specific, as least for me. I’m fairly used to being single now and my grocery-buying habits are becoming sort of mainstream and not worth sharing. SO…I’m giving this blog a long break. I may pop back on just to see if you’re paying attention. But I’m going to start one from one of the topics and zillion domain names I’ve felt the need to register.

I’ll let you know when it debuts and hope you’ll come along for the next leg of the ride!

Thanks for reading!

I couldn’t hang up the grocery list w/o a shout out to my WA state pal who gave me the original idea for this blog. You know, the one who had gum, bag o’ lettuce and banjo picks on her single people’s grocery list? Thanks, J!


P.S. I added the peach pic because it’s that time of year and it’s one of the best pix I’ve ever taken!


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