Love Me Some Paper Products


Inspired by some daffy experiences in consumerism lately (Dear God, Christmas shoID-100149804pping!? I’m never doing that again. Ever.), I decided to bring back the SPGL blog. Honestly for me, single-person grocery shopping hasn’t gotten any easier or fun, but I make an effort to record some of my weirder thoughts for possible use later. Like a recent trip to Sam’s. I went for calcium. You know, the kind that comes in the huge barrel that may still be going strong after my demise. But here’s what else I ended up buying. Keep in mind that the budget’s very tight right now, but I avoided reality nonetheless and I had a $5 coupon to use…

  • Calcium 600 mg. + Vitamin D3, 600 tablets  – I have no idea what “D3” is but I did read that it’s good to have D along for the ride.
  • Charmin, 36 rolls – I believe that’s self-explanatory.
  • Paper Towels – Lots of rolls. See above.
  • Kleenex, cute designer size, assorted colors, 10 boxes – Yes, of course I know there are cheaper, generic brands and  the bigger, boring boxes have a higher tissue content, but I don’t give a damn. I like my little boxes of the super-soft line. Right now you can blow your cute designer nose in every room in my house.
  • 2 lbs. strawberries – I hate it when fresh fruit isn’t in season and seriously expensive, but these were reasonably priced.
  • Set of three non-stick skillets, 8″, 10″ and 12″ – “He Who No Longer Inhabits” took most of the good cookware and tools. I began to worry that the peeling coating from the “Teflon” pans he rejected might be killing me. Plus they were a gorgeous orange and $24.95 for the set.

Paper Product Love
After she reported her Sam’s trip, my pal and I actually had a 10-15 minute convo about how excited we both were that we now had multiple rolls of TP and paper towels. Remember when you lived in a college apartment or your first place and toilet paper was almost a luxury? Another friend, who I would never suspect of such nefarious deeds, recently admitted she used to steal TP from a hotel that was near her apartment. (She “paid them back” years later, in kind. Seriously.)

When you get down to one roll of toilet paper for two bathrooms, don’t you start to feel all poor again? I do. So when I brought my new package of Charmin into the house, it was a good day. Similar feelings arose for the Bounty paper towels, but it’s not as deep a love.

No Food
Notice there was only one edible item in that Sam’s run? So I spent $71.65 and could make a grilled strawberry sandwich in my new skillet.

But I still have 34 rolls of the good stuff left.


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  1. *smiles* You know the couponer in me is cringing, right? 😉 I want to scream, “No, don’t buy those paper products without a coupon – you can save $.20 on Charmin and Bounty with the P&G insert from last week!” Alas, you may have missed those . . . it’s okay . . . *weeps* . . . don’t get me started on the vitamins and strawberries. However, if I remember correctly, Sam’s Club doesn’t accept regular coupons, right? I’m getting side tracked. I think my hair is going to start curling on it’s own. 😉 I better get out of here. LOL

    • Oh Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, you’re SO sensible and thrifty. While I appreciate your coupon-y zeal, I’m not sure I want to live if it means I can’t have soft, pretty Kleenex in my life. I did end up paying about $1.29/per, which isn’t bad. (See I do pay attention to savings. Sometimes.) Thanks so much for taking to the time to rant, I mean, comment. Appreciate it!

      • Moi?? Rant???? Never!!! 😉 Okay, maybe I did…a little. 😀 I admit, I haven’t couponed in a month. Wait, did I just say that out loud? In *public*? (for shame) I really like this blog – I’ll be back often to rant…er…comment. 😀

      • I’ll never repeat what you said. Thanks again for taking time to comment, sweetie! TRAFFIC pour moi is always appreciated.

  2. I am so with you on the Kleenex thing. Hate the big boxes. They take up too much room. Anywhere! I hate them. Although people could take the empty boxes to DSW and they could put those little weird hosey things in them they supply for their customers to try on shoes with. it would add a little color to the aisles, but that could just be the book club wine talking.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your love of splurging on Kleenex. At least it’s not Louis Vuitton, right? And thanks also for confirming what I’ve always believed – all book clubs should make wine drinking mandatory. In fact, let’s start a club that pairs a wine with each book selection!

    • The first step, Lois, is admitting your are a TP junkie. Guilt is for those who don’t have enough online shopping or drinking to do. There now, don’t you feel better? Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Not a fan of the bounty and charmin. Pricey even with .25 cent coupons (smirk) and charmin just seems “perfumey” to me. I do like kroger’s homesense brand tp, tissue, and papertowels. The prices aren’t bad, the quality is good, and they are on sale from time to time. Recently bought Walgreens Tuf papertowels on sale and they work just fine. Paper products are just something I don’t want to ever spend a lot on. That and aluminum foil and bleach.

    • Thanks for sharing your take on the paper products and other irritating essentials. Trash bags are another category. Do we need 8,000 choices? And those suckers are expensive!

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