After becoming involuntarily single after many years, I realized going to the grocery store as a solo act was an annoying, but interesting sociological experience. Another single gal pal and I started texting each other our grocery lists. I discovered  the crap we buy is actually pretty funny when you look at your list.

Here’s an example:

  • laundry detergent
  • apples
  • wine
  • banjo picks
  • gum

See what I mean? It’s funny. And weird. Banjo picks? I did NOT make that up.

Then I thought – what does the list say about this person? My shrink background might even come in handy. Might as well try to squeeze some more value out of that Master’s degree gathering dust on the shelf.

I’m going to post my lists, my single pals’ lists and YOURS when you send them to me. C’mon, it’ll be fun!  Maybe just a tiny bit pathetic, but what the hell, what DO you do with your spare time?




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  1. It’s all true; she’s not lying. And what possesses a single person to buy a banjo is another blog altogether. You’re right. This list is funny when you read it. And fyi- you can’t buy banjo picks at the grocery– but the little music shop NEXT to the grocery? Well you can get a whole package there for $2.39. No lie.

    Great to see the blog up and running 🙂

  2. Congrats on the launch. Incidentally, I don’t think you have to be single to have odd shopping lists. I’ve bought plenty of odd combinations over the years.

    • Hi Barb:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You’re right re: the marrieds buying weird crap, too. But we singles get either the pitying or creeped out look from cashiers that says, “You are an old, crazy cat lady who is one bag of Purina away from being on ‘Hoarders’…”

    • Oh, no, I inherited my mother’s nomadic approach to possessions – if you aren’t currently wearing it, eating it or sitting on it, it can be tossed out or sold. Hoaders make me cranky – no design skills. Maybe HGTV needs to do “Hoarder Design Stars?”

  3. A better-late-than-never response regarding the banjo… It was a purchase AFTER becoming single. One of those, “Oh yeah, I’ll totally search for fulfillment by learning something new- Ooooh! A banjo, cute strappy banjo bag AND how-to-play-banjo DVD for just $89?!! I NEED those!!!” things. Of course, said banjo and DVD are in cute strappy bag in closet, just waiting to be plucked…. *sigh*

    • Why thank you, Adam! If you’re single, I look forward to your twisted versions of grocery lists. They MUST be nonfiction, however.

      If you’re married, you can participate from afar. But you and the SO may attend my Single People’s Grocery Lists Wine Tasting Event.

    • Well, I wish you luck and happiness for years to come.

      But you probably already know that your “interesting” shopping habits will be curtailed. Best to run out now and buy some weird crap!

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