Now, it’s your turn! I want to see YOUR single people’s grocery lists.

It’s easy. Just leave a comment on this post that includes your funky grocery list. I’ll post it after determining that it’s appropriate and of course, interesting.

Don’t make up a list; your real one if funny enough. Trust me.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to play.





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  1. everything on my most recent list was, inevitably, for the cat.

    -bird seed (I really could care less about feeding the birds, the cat enjoys watching them)
    -antibiotics (@ pharmacy, again, for cat)
    -litter (economical 35 lb. tub, because all the men in my life are awesome crappers)
    -butt wipes-pet version (Himalayans have a LOT of fur, and yes, sometimes they need their butts wiped, see above)
    -red and white wine (because sometimes a pet-mom needs a drink when she has to shove multiple pills down her cat’s throat twice a day)

  2. I hope to post a list soon. I have had someone visiting with me for a while and I have had to make my list look like I am a normal person.

    • Oh Robin, thanks for your comment! And thanks for addressing one of our particularly distressing issues. It’s bad when a couple visits and you all go grocery shopping together. You have to stop yourself when reaching for the usual four boxes of INDIVIDUAL-serving bags of popcorn. It’s a dead give-away…

  3. Re-chargable batteries – there never seem to be enough of them around…
    TP – that one goes without saying!
    Btl of CupCake sav blanc – friend is having a horror movies fest tomorrow for her b-day, so I am bringing the cake!
    Btl of WoodCreek sav blanc – only $5.99! t’was a good one too!
    Mop n glo floor shine stuff – going to surprise the boss lady with clean floors
    Oreos – I have no excuse for that one..
    Soy Sauce – SOOOO…good on chicken patty sammies!

  4. Oh Alicia, thanks so much for sharing your list w/ us! Now, let’s see what we can learn from it. (You didn’t bargain for this part!)

    Alicia is THOUGHTFUL – As evidenced by the nice (and more than $5.99 and has a label w/ a baked good one it!) bottle of vino for her pal. Also, she’s treating her boss to clean floors.
    She’s also PRACTICAL – Hence the batteries and TP.
    Alicia is not a SAINT – She caved and bought the Oreos. I like her even better now.

    So, see how much fun and interesting it is to submit your grocery list AND have it analyzed, too?!

  5. Today’s List…

    Plackers – Greatest thing to ever happen to my teeth! dentist agreed yesterday, no cavities 😀
    Bleach – a must have for white chef coats!
    Kitty Litter – The scoopable kind! I goofed last time and got the non-clumping stuff..this was not good..
    Redwood Creek Sav Blanc – on sale at Kroger in the California wines section.
    Dollar Store, vanilla coffee creamer – best thing to happen to my coffee in the morning!
    Guiness – the BIG case, we are celebrating a new job tonight 🙂

  6. My co-op order just arrived today. Here’s the list: a bag of Goji Berries; 3 jars of Coconut Cacao Bliss; a box or Oskri chocolate covered coconut bars; Kiss My Face Lavender Liquid Rock (which is anti-perspiration deodorant); a jar of Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has incredible health benefits……and it tastes good.

    My recent Hannaford’s list: 1 quart skim milk, Hannaford’s brand, a bag of Food Should Taste Good Chedder Multi-grain Chips, 2 bananas, 3 avocados, 1 frozen gluten free Udi’s pizza crust, 1 frozen Blake’s shepard pie (NH company; health food section); gluten free frozen 3 cheese ravioli’s; bag of Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum flour; and yogurt covered peanut clusters from the bulk section.

    Can you tell that I have to eat gluten free?

      • I have been craving Velveeta Shells ‘n Cheese but getting sick after eating is no fun. I tried Annie’s GF Rice Pasta and cheese and it does not compare. I guess I will have to try boiling up my own GF Pasta and adding Veveeta cheese…..
        I’ve been craving all these comfort foods: Shepard’s Pie, Mac ‘n Cheese, American Chop Suey, etc.

  7. Actually, Bettina, after a couple bites of the mac n cheese, I was no longer in love. It would make a great substitute for super glue after it sets up. But it definitely serves a purpose. I must be getting well cuz I’m crazing lettuce and veggies…;-)

  8. Shopping again…..rather regular list: Hannaford’s skim milk (2 quarts); Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Tortilla Chips (GF); Blake’s Shepard Pie (comfort food but organic so ok); 1 banana; 1 liter bottle of Polar Seltzer – orange mango flavor; steak (what can I say? great way to get Vitamin B & iron; esp good after a heavy period); red pepper – full of vitamin C & low calories.

    Now from the previous grocery list, I made Double Chocolate Chip/coconut cookies – made w/coconut flour, almond flour, flaxseed-ground, coconut flakes, coconut oil, dark cacao chips, 60%. Chocolate Chip cookies made with buckwheat flour, sourghum flour, organic vegetable shortening, eggs (even though it is a vegan recipe – I substituted; why not?), cane sugar; organic brown sugar & 60% cacao chips not organic (Ghiradelli’s). Great w/a glass of milk.

      • Oh, I don’t know. I love Trader Joe’s. The closest store is 1 1/2 hours from here. They just opened up their first store in NH. Yah! I bet the multi-grain Cheerio like cereal is fairly healthy. I meant to mention that the Tortilla chips are multi-grain (quinoa, flaxseed, amaranth, etc). I am too lazy to check my spelling of said above ingredients but it’s close enough.

  9. Recent List: the wkly milk supply (2 qts skim milk); steel cut GF Oats; Rudi’s GF Multi-grain bread; 1 mango; 2 bananas; 1 red pepper; 1 Vildalia onion; 1 container of Organic Mixed herbs and garden greens (generic Hannaford’s brand – less expensive); 2 liters Polar Orange Mango flavored Seltzer water; a box of dark chocolate covered toffee (like a Heath bar); chocolate covered Goji berries; Tilapia fish (that went bad before I could eat it; it was only 2 days – geeze; called the store and they “recommend eating it within 2 days; oh I really have to work at eating fish sooner); Lemon Ginger Yogi tea; 1 large container of Chobi plain, no fat Greek Yogurt; stew beef to make beef stew – I find that amusing – the flip flop of words before you buy it & after you cook it. Large order this time.

    • Bettina:

      I’m beginning to be worried about the overly-healthy focus you have in your food selections. Perhaps start by adding some Kettle chips, beef jerky and Twinkies. Ease into it, though, as your body is unused to this fare. After all, you need to start training for the holidays, right?

  10. I like your humor…..but I hate beef jerky. Kettle chips with dip are good. In my younger days, I ate my share fair of Twinkies but now they are just too gross (plus they are full of gluten so eating them guarantees a bad outcome. Who wants to be sick?).

    My healthy eating is packed with calories though…..the preseason weight is arriving early.

    • In reality, I can’t remember the last time I actually ate beef jerky or Twinkies, but I do like chips. I don’t bring them home, though, because they will torment me.

      It’s comedic license, you know…

  11. Okay, I’m not exactly single, but because the only member of my household I’ll see until I’m done directing a high school musical is my dog, I qualify at least temporarily. Here’s my list:
    Lemons & Limes
    Glad Wrap
    dehydrated mushrooms
    Gulf shrimp (frozen, for her pleasure)
    4 bags of Barilla pasta
    2 bottles Riesling
    1 bottle Chardonnay
    1 bottle Cinnamon Spice Kahlua (hey, it was a manager special)
    Milk Bones
    Mascara (I laughed mine all off at Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop)
    Dove chocolates

    Analyze that…

    • Cherie:

      Thanks for subscribing and submitting your list. I’d say from your choices, you like good food, wine and spirits (Cinnamon Spice booze? Wonderful!), the well-defined eyelash and your darling dog. Please post pic of darling dog wearing dog-approved mascara.

      Great to meet you,

  12. i can’t play cuz i’m married but i was single for 48 years…

    today – heavy whipping cream, 6 fat free Greek yogurts (no fruit cuz it’s weird), organic carrots, 2 blue pens and some white-out, an Ah Bra because it was in the aisle marked “As Seen on TV”, a pork sirloin, $27 face cream guaranteed to take 10 years away (i’m going to use it on my entire body), heart-shaped dog treats and a giant bag of marshmallows that i will eat in the car where no one will see me. they are in the glove compartment. no real meal but my boobs feel better. yogurt was an impulse purchase…

    • Ah, Cait. You qualify on so many levels even if you are currently married.

      Odd combos – I, myself, like to pretend that fat-free cancels out heavy whipping cream.
      Office supplies – Call me crazy, but I love office supplies in any setting. Next to TP? Just down the aisle from the in-house liquor store? Cool.
      Foundation garments – You win on that one. Never bought underwear or bras at the grocery.
      Good cosmetics – I love a girl who isn’t afraid to spend two-three meal’s worth of cash on a good moisturizer. Let me know how that turns out.
      Secret car eating – Love that! I hope no marshmallows are melting into your cup holders, though. I worry.

      • had a list when i went in and when i got home realized i had exactly two listed items in the bags. okay, the marshmallow thing. i sit in the car, away from prying eyes and eat marshmallows with a Mexican beer, wishing a lot of the time that i was still single. they work together though, and i believe they are somewhere in the recommended food groups (water, grains, fruit cuz there’s a lime and eggs because of the marshmallows). as for the bra – it was in the aisle next to the yogurt…

  13. hello
    i happened on the blog while looking for single person recipes.i am glad that you made this blog. okay i haven’t been to the grocery store in a while as i have to have someone to take me to the store but i will give you a somewhat sample list of the things i usually get at the grocery store.

    beef(steak,cube steak,hamburger)-the type depends on my mood or what is on sale
    pound of hot sausage
    a 5 biscuit can
    grape juice
    thai kitchen soups
    orange juice
    english muffins
    redi whipped cream
    sometimes i get kettle chips or triscuits
    shredded cheese

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your list. You have some great, diverse items on that list! Don’t mix the Redi Whip w/ the kettle chips. That would be just so wrong…

      • I have never tried to put anything on the chips that would be so wrong i agree with you.
        i just got a food-saver so i am hoping it will help me with saving food so i don’t feel bad about sometimes eating leftovers. we shall see.

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