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Wine, Tall Bags and Green Beans

Wine, Tall Bags and Green Beans

Thus began my latest grocery shopping list. Although I tend to drink more white wine in the summer, I was missing a red to have w/ a chunk of chocolate. So, red wine it is. Other items in the cart:

Green beans, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and an avocado – I WILL eat vegs. in between the other crap I’ve been consuming.

  • Insect sting cream – Yesterday, after eight years of peaceful co-existence, the wasps that build a nest in my shed attacked me. I have at least 3 stings on ONE earlobe. When I went to look for a first aid cream, the tube was dated 2003.
  • Small filet of beef -Well, it’s not small, it’s .52 lbs. and was kind of expensive. But I rarely eat beef and I’m grilling out for the week on Sat. I’ll save half to put on an arugula salad another night.
  • Peppered turkey– I buy tortilla wrappers and make sandwiches. I pretend like it’s less fattening than bread.
  • All natural chicken sausages – Had a coupon.
  • Six bottles of red wine – My fave, Baguala Malbec 2008 was on  sale for $4.99.
  • Two bottles of rose – Some French stuff on sale for $7.99
  • Tall kitchen bags w/ handles – I swear there are as many choices of plastic bags as there are feminine hygiene products. It’s a disposable TRASH bag, people.
  • Kleenex – Only I bought Puffs. I shared my opinion about buying paper products in this post, If Only Paper Towels and Toilet Paper Were Edible. But I have to say, I’m a sucker for attractive Kleenex boxes. And yes, I buy the little boxes that are 25 times more expensive because they’re cute, dammit.
  • Assorted other stuff that’s even more boring than my take on Kleenex.

I spent quite a bit of money this trip, which I’m trying not to do (because the funds are scary low). But my rationale is my cash-back rewards credit card, that had a pristine 0 balance, messed up the amount in my account. I had $55 instead of $7. Sooo, I used the bad, bad card and will get the $55 taken off my next bill.

Hey, it’s ice cream season. Not sure if I shared that I’m into making homemade ice cream. My best is butter pecan w/ artisan salt. Details to come…;-)


Ice Cream and Tomatoes Co-Habitate


Is it me or do grocery store cashiers and baggers secretly hate people who bring in recyclable bags? Maybe it is easier to load up those creepy plastic bags, but give me a break. The way they exact revenge for having to load my Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and other cloth bags is as follows:

  • Put 50 lbs. in one bag. Then lift it and say, “Do you think this will be too heavy for you?” Well, how would I know?  – YOU’RE lifting it. 30-35 lbs. is about my limit. But hey, I have six more bags you could use to spread that weight around.
  • Put tomatoes in a freezer bag w/ ice cream. I probably instigated this when I asked if the frozen stuff and some of the other cold items could go in the freezer bag. WHY DO I HAVE TO ASK THIS? For some reason, I feel the need to add, “I live 30 miles away.” But tomatoes in there w/ frozen stuff? You’re not supposed to even refrigerate tomatoes.
  • Put fragile stuff w/ cans. This is a fave. Why? Is it just to be sadistic to my bread.
  • Put one item in one bag. This is usually a quart of club soda or a tube of toothpaste. Do these items need to be segregated? Have they been misbehaving?

I’ve even thought about talking to a manager about offering to do a training class. “Okay, people, let’s practice loading the freezer bag. No, Kleenex doesn’t need to stay chilled.”

Rant over. Thanks for bearing w/ me.


Are you as excited as I am about cheap raspberries this time of year? Today, I bought 2 packages that were 4/$5. Amazing for something that is usually $4.99 each in other seasons. I make a raspberry sauce to go on homemade lemon sorbet. If you behave (unlike the renegade gangs of club soda), I’ll give you the recipe. For both.

Half a Loaf Shy of a Load…


As I toss yet another stale 6-7 slices of bread from a loaf, I wonder why there aren’t half-loaves for sale in grocery stores? Of course it screams, “I’m a single person and I only need 4-5 slices,” but who cares? I really hate to waste food. And before you tell me that I should throw it out for the wildlife, you should know that I live in an area where the size of said wildlife can be considerably bigger than the average birdie.

Coffee Shop Cool

Today, I decided to dress like a grown-up working person and take my laptop to a local coffee shop and work. Yes, that’s not a new thing, but it is to me. I’m Mocha!late to the laptop-toting, mocha-latte sipping crowd. But as I get squirrely-er heading into Feb., I realize I need to get out more – out “amongst them” as the Amish say. It was a nice change except for the guy who had to blather on about his politics to the shop owner. I would have much preferred the ’80s rock. But it’s a risk you take when you leave your house.

Stopped at the store while out:

  • cat food
  • raspberries, blackberries and grapes
  • peppered turkey (yeah, I’m in a rut w/ this stuff)
  • three-cheese semolina bread (I will freeze half of it!)
  • bottled water – I have a $3,000 water softener (came w/ the house), so I have no excuse for not putting my water in a bottle. But in a power outage, I’m not getting anything from the well. Been there, done that.

Well, in the hopes that we get more interactive on here, tell me how your winter is going. Confess all that fat and sugar-laden junk you’re eating. As usual, I won’t tell anyone…