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Single Wanderers in the Grocery Desert


shopperLately, I’ve started to pay more attention to my kin at the grocery store – those of us who wander in single-shopping mode, often perplexed by things like the overwhelming choices in the orange juice section. Pulp? Some Pulp? No Pulp with Calcium? Good Lord.

We don’t often make eye contact, we solo shoppers. We’re on a mission. In my case, it’s get it done and get out fast. But a recent mailing of $1 off coupons from Giant Eagle had me all over the damn store. I normally buy store brands, but w/ a buck off, I bought Kellogg’s Mini Wheats in Cinnamon Roll flavor. Seriously. But I’m digressing. (Hey, I saved nine bucks.)

There is a certain camaraderie between the singles when confronted w/couples who are not only arguing about some unresolved issue and taking it out on innocent produce, but also blocking any passage in their self-absorbed oblivion. I’ve caught many an eye-roll and exasperated sigh from fellow singletons when trying to negotiate around these folks. I’m fairly certain I recently had a silent communion w/ a guy as we said in our thought bubbles, “Thank God I don’t have to deal w/ that cra*anymore!”

We do peek in each other’s carts. I’ve learned to bite my tongue when about to comment on another single person’s items. Early on in fresh post-divorce mode, I talked to anyone and didn’t have much of a filter. I’d point out my 20 cans of Fancy Feast and case of wine and laugh while gazing at their head of lettuce, light bulb and cheese singles. It usually didn’t go over well.

I continue to chat w/ people in the wine department, advising them on a good red or nice Chenin Blanc. Most people like to talk about wine and some look petrified they’ll make a wrong choice, elevating a wine purchase to that of a new vehicle. So perhaps I offer them some comfort. I certainly enjoy myself.

Maybe we should have a secret handshake or club? Single People’s Grocery List Outpost #35. Come and share your grocery list and pet peeves. I’ll pour you a glass of wine.


Super Bowl, Party of One


Vera JamsOh please, don’t think for one minute that headline is sad! That poor woman – alone on Super Bowl night… Seriously, since when is Super Bowl Sunday a romantic holiday for couples? I suppose maybe it could be if your idea of date night is crap beer and some sad nachos. If so, you might want to set the bar higher.


(This is a pic of the fab Vera Wang jams I wore to my own Super Bowl party. What can I say, I have innate style.)

I really didn’t mind watching the Super Bowl alone. Didn’t have to clean my house, make food for anyone, worry about people having enough to drink or too much (or drinking all my GOOD beer). These events are especially easy without “He Who No Longer Inhabits” who felt the need to reinvent chicken wings or foof up some simple appetizer. Very tiring. Not a chance. The pup got a couple extra Milk-Bones and I had a plate of Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp pot stickers w/ their bottled goyza sauce. (Highly recommend!)

Since it seems I’ve gotten away from listing GROCERY LISTS on here, I’ll share a combo of two I’ve carried around lately. A two-week work project left zero shopping time so I didn’t get to any stores until last Fri. Then I forgot to buy most things on the list except wine, of course.

Here’s the list:

  • Drain cleaner – My puppy, Shedding Sister, has the potential to clog every drain pipe in my county. This pup never shed until about 3 weeks ago and then it was insane. Fortunately, it seems to have slowed down a bit.
  • 3-way light bulbs – Is it just me or do you blow out one setting on a 3-way bulb all the time? I use the 50 watt and 100 watt settings on different lamps. I’ve had this item on a list for 2 months
  • Wine – Although my normal cold weather choice is red, I also buy whites. I just don’t want wimpy whites that I might drink in the summer. Finding interesting, full-bodied, affordable whites is tough.
  • Frozen – That’s my shorthand for “lazy-ass food” I buy so when I’m working 10/11- hour days, I just heat the oven or throw in micro.
  • Creamer – Again with the “fat-free” half and half – such a concept!

So, did you notice there’s really nothing to eat on that list except for the frozen category? That’s right. It’s why I call this “single people’s grocery lists.”


Are There “Staples” Other Than Wine and Brie?


Yesterday, I went to the grocery for the first time in two weeks. As I mentioned in my last post “New Year-New Weird Cr– to Do with Food”, I’m trying to use up all the food I have on hand and stretch that budget. But honestly, how can I spend $131 ($20 was cash back) and come home w/ the only consumables being cereal, breakfast bars and hot dogs? Well it was the “toiletries” shopping day – toothpaste, Ibuprophen and moisturizing lotion (which BTW, is more $ than a bottle of decent inexpensive wine!), etc.

Pantry Staples

(I had a nice image of Brie here that someone must have eaten!)

I’ve recently realized I have nothing that you would consider a “basic” in my pantry – no tuna, spaghetti sauce (that doesn’t have a 2003 expiration date) or other stuff that might make a meal. Unless you consider Brie, white and red wine to be basics… which, of course, I do.

But then I thought about some of the stuff I have on hand right now – smoked salmon, prosciutto, pancetta, an aged cheese w/ Syrah and a frozen Newman’s Own pizza. Hey, those are my staples!

Maybe next trip I’ll shoot for some normal-people food:

  • Peanut butter
  • Bread (that isn’t bakery foo-foo stuff that gets stale in 20 mins.)
  • Pasta
  • Hey, how about some fruit and veggies? Brie is rather low on the essential nutrients and vitamins…

So, what’s in YOUR pantry? Confess, I won’t tell…

What Wine Goes With An Antibiotic?


I haven’t posted since 10/26 as I’ve been too busy contemplating drilling holes into my head to relieve the sinus pressure. Finally, I caved and went to the doctor for an antibiotic. Hello nausea.

Having no food that I could even imagine eating, I went out for upset-stomach fare. I went without a grocery list since it was a “I wonder if that will make me puke? process.  Here’s what I got:

  • vanilla yogurt
  • frozen mac n cheese
  • a giant tub of mashed potatoes
  • ginger ale
  • generic Pepto-Bismol tablets – really, who want to taste that?
  • cat food – lovely opening a can of liver and chicken flavor when you feel sick
  • canned soup
  • dramamine – in case the pink bills don’t do it.  Not that there’s a lot of motion going on around here.

No wine goes with an antibiotic. I contemplated that for about 30 seconds then had some ginger ale. It’s very fruit forward with a hint of, well, ginger…

Soft-Top Lemon Cookies are Fruit, Right?


It’s turning cooler here and that means the body wants what it wants – carbs, fat and sugar. So I purchased some off-the-list items yesterday. I really only needed cat food and bread, but…

  • Soft-top lemon cookies – We might as well call these “forget about having a waistline” cookies. But the sell-by date was good. How could I say no?
  • Cat food – At this grocery, they carry the Aristocrats brand. Yes, Disney makes cat food. He likes the liver one.
  • Cheez-Its – Do you always have to stop and think about how to spell it? Maybe it’s a writer thing. I got the new Baby Swiss flavor. Honestly, white cheddar, Parmesan and this one taste exactly the same. Let’s face it, we’re all just going for the faux cheesy goodness of that dust that comes off them.
  • Bread – I like those new take ‘n bake loaves. I can pretend like it’s fresher than the bagged stuff.
  • Raspberries – Grab these suckers while you still can. Next week, at least in this area, they will shoot up to $10.99 a half pint. These were 10/$10.00. Okay, does that seem like more of a bargain than $1.00 a package? Dumbest pricing strategy ever.

Please come and post your lists, Singles. Many of you have shown me yours saying that you’re secretly ashamed at how boring they are. Does the above look exciting? I’ll change your names if you like.

I don’t want to spoil your appetite, but I’ll end on a cheery thought:

You may have had a bad day, but at least you didn’t have to give your cat an enema.



Kitteh and I Work On Our Fine Lines…


As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m trying not to spend money. Estimated quarterly taxes and winter propane pre-pay due. So, tuna and peanut butter are looking pretty tasty.

But, alas I needed a few things at the grocery and gas and you know if you spend that $50, you get those .20/gal. fuel points. So, here’s today’s list:

  • Eye-Lifting Serum – Now I know this won’t actually lift my lids from their half-mast position, but what the hell, I’ll give it a go. Although Kitty is 16, his eyelids look great, plus I would NEVER put cosmetics on a cat. Well, unless Chanel comes out w/ a line of kitty “looks”…
  • Jeni’s Salty Caramel ice cream – Yes, it IS worth $9.99 a pint. And remember I need those fuel points.
  • A red pepper – I usually roast them for various uses. Put them on a pizza.
  • Fancy-schmancy new cat food – The little man deserves a cat equivalent of Jeni’s.
  • A nice fancy-schmancy new red wine for Cat-mom – Hey, it’s been a long week. It’s a Tempranillo from Spain and it was over my usual $10 limit – $10.99.
  • Two organic dark chocolate bars – One is dark chocolate w/ sea salt, the other I just grabbed – it had a cool label.
  • Diet cola – In a kind universe, this would balance out the Jeni’s and chocolate above.

Again, I have to say that $90 for the above is kinda scary, especially since there are no real meal options for me. The cat is covered.

Speaking again of the kitty, here’s his Internet debut. My talented niece took the photo: Help Kitty Settle Into His New Home  Yeah, I actually write other stuff that pays the bills. Check it out. It’s called “social media marketing” and it’s a good thing. Trust me.

Have a great weekend! Send me your lists, Singles. I need fodder. I’m boring myself w/ my own stuff. Post in a comment on the “Lists” page.