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Cookie Butter is the New Crack


Before I launch into my riff on this mind-altering substance, I must give a shout out to fellow grocery shopper Steve Barber. Steve’s post, “Why Men Shouldn’t Shop at Foodland” on the fab website An Army of Ermas gave my self-esteem a much-needed boost. He’s as clueless when grocery shopping as I am. Thanks for sharing your First Step with us (Admitting you’re powerless…for those of you non-12-Steppers).

Cookie Butter Madness

I found this magical substance at Trader Joe’ recently. It was on an end cap (yes, I used to work retail) w/ a Nutella-like product. I asked a clerk her opinion about both. Her eyes practically rolled back in her head as she chanted, “OMG, get the cookie butter!!! It’s amazing!!” With that recommendation, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

I did and I’m attesting that this is like meth for the moderately upscale crowd that shops at TJ’s. When my excellent pal Sarah was over, I told her she had to taste it. She seemed mildly interested until she tried it and now I have hooked my first junkie. Amazing baker that she is, she was inspired to create something w/ CB as the star.

Brownies – No, I mean BROWNIES

Checking in w/ her grandmother who taught her to bake, Sarah liked the idea of making a cake frosting. Kind of like a peanut butter type, except w/ CB. Of course she made her signature brownies to host this amazing topping. Okay, it was brownie nirvana! The frosting was light and creamy, but rich on top of the dense fudginess. I would have mainlined them if I could.

CB Experiments

Here are some things I’ve tried w/ cookie butter:

  • Spread on a whole wheat bagel w/ sliced strawberries on top
  • Spread on a slightly nuked molasses crinkle cookie
  • On a spoon or finger straight from the jar

So go get some. Actually, you should get a case before they decide it’s an illegal substance.