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Feed a Cold, but Not THAT Much…


Poor neglected blog. But readers, I’ve spared you what would no doubt have been the ramblings of my jam-packed sinuses and you don’t want to hear anything they have to say. Ten days of this and I’m ready to surrender to Western medicine and get some antibiotics from the doc. Aside from feeling like crap, I’ve developed some scary eating habits. Fast food and mostly foods from the four food groups – salt, fat, sugar and chocolate.

Very rarely do I darken the drive-thru of the Golden Arches, but I’ve been there, Wendy’s, Tim Horton, pizza land and a lousy Chinese place in the last week and a half. I don’t do fast food, or at least haven’t for the past three years. Today, I tried the Fish McBites. Scary, but I liked them, especially w/ extra tartar. Someone, please do an intervention…

This is what my grocery list has looked like lately:

  • pretzel thins – Who are we kidding w/ the “thins?”
  • mini ice creams – I rationalize that the individual servings are not as fattening. Maybe not, unless you eat two…
  • salt & vinegar chips – I NEVER bring these missives from Satan into my home. But now that they’re here, I have to eat them. At least these are baked.
  • triple fudge brownie mix – Oh, it doesn’t stop there. I’m obsessing about making a Trader Joe’s Crunchy Cookie Butter frosting for these bad boys. Like I said, please call Dr. Drew.
  • milk-bones – At least I’ve drawn the line and won’t be dipping them in onion dip. 
  • assorted cheeses – Evidently, there’s no limit to the things that taste better w/ melted cheese.

So I’m picking up an OTC drug today at the grocery pharmacy that sometimes has to have a ‘script. Confusing, but I hope it works before I outgrow my clothes, couch and house…

My nurse pal says that craving salt is often an indicator that your electrolytes are out of balance. I guess I’ll have to add Gatorade to my diet.

Now why didn’t I freeze some of these bacon cookies when we made them?

If I had bacon, I'd be making these.

If I had bacon, I’d be making these.


Dessert AGAIN? Okay, I’m In!


I recently returned from the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop. It was great to experience hands-on, career-building, professional guidance combined with personal enrichment and renewal. Oh yeah, there were also lots of really good desserts.

Were you expecting more info and insight about the writing profession aspects of the workshop? Sorry, I can’t stray too far away from my blog’s “brand.” I must be true to my vast readership.

Workshop Essentials

The workshop was a 3-day event which required some thoughtful planning. I packed some big-girl professional clothes, some favorite pens, my laptop, Kindle Fire (love!) and the trip essentials.

Other important stuff:

  • Two bottles of wine – for hosting happy hour in my room or drinking alone (no comment)
  • Pretzel Crisps – the “everything” type
  • Granola bars – they always get squished in transit, but I eat them anyway
  • Bottled water – those baby bottles at the Marriott don’t cut it

I attended the Erma workshop in 2008 (it’s held every two years, but I missed 2010 when my life blew up) and remember being impressed with the presenters and the food – not necessarily in that order.

They feed you constantly throughout the three days. Not just the usual meals, but snacks between sessions with real food like fruit and cookies. Then there were the desserts…

I’m a bit of a sweet freak and I bake so I’m critical of dessert offerings. Erma came through in this area. The carrot cake was a standout. But we also got spoiled. By lunch on Day Two, my new pal Geneva and I looked at the fruit on the table and said, “What? No dessert?” Seriously, how many of you normally have dessert AT LUNCH?

Lest you think that only one of my many personalities -Foodie, was present for this event, I’ll move on.

Laughs and Great Peeps

Contrary to popular belief, not all humor writers are funny in person. I met a lot of humor-inpaired folks over the weekend. But many times, (insert cliche here) I laughed till I cried. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know there hasn’t been much in my life to laugh about recently, so it was a welcome relief.

The majority of  people at this event were stellar. The keynote speakers and presenters were some of the best I’ve seen. But I also met some wonderful peers like Barb, Sheri, Cherie and David, the funny gastroenterologist (who knew?). I’ve already re-connected with some of them via the business cards we exchanged. I have a feeling these are keepers.

Pretzels Everywhere or is it Just Me?


Pretzel Logic might be my fave Steely Dan album, but then again, it might be Royal Scam. I digress...

I love pretzels in many forms. But they are appearing before me (not like in a vision or anything – that’s a whole different post) all the time. I just bought Everything Pretzel Thins, which are a different brand from Pretzel Slims. I bought Dark-Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims recently at Trader Joe’s and they are as wonderful as they sound.

Let’s do a round-up of all my faves:

  • Soft pretzels from Target’s “food court”
  • Honey mustard pretzel bites
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Pretzel buns (OMG -these are amazing! You could put anything in these buns and it would be dreamy.)

Perhaps that’s enough pretzel talk for now. But please share your pretzel finds with me!


This is a poor segue, but the pretzel thing made me think of going to real functions like work-related, networking things back in the day. You know, the type where you tried not to drink too much bad white wine while balancing a crappy appetizer and simultaneously pulling out one of your biz cards to share with a potential client/employer.

We now do so much of this online instead of face-to-face. But a recent networking opp. reminded me of how it was to connect at these things. I also think we’ve become so used to online interaction that we’ve forgotten networking “etiquette.” Many people literally shoved their biz cards in my face before I even asked. How about chatting me up first?

But, hey it was good to get out of the house/grocery store/yard and go out “amongst them” as the Amish say.

Networking manners? Discuss!